Zero Punctuation: LEGO Indy

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This week, Yahtzee plays with LEGOs and re-lives childhood horrors about Indiana Jones.

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Nice work Yahtzee, but I'm not crazy about the new intro style...I miss the music selections.

shiiiit im not 1st...
2nd is cool though

Clever as always. I liked Lego indy on the wii.

Bring on the BanHammer.

I hope bludgeoning short round is as brutally visceral as it should be with the wii controller....

but but but but but the music choices were always so appropriate and funny clever and grrrr.

Don't like the new intro at all. May grow on me though.

It was funny though. (I don't believe that many people ^ actually watched it though, I think being first is a big deal to them in some way)

And I agree, there are only 3 Indiana Jones movies.

Best review of the new indiana jones movie to date. Good job.

Holy shit! Last game I'd expect.

I feel compelled to say something about the new intro but to spare us all the time I'll just replace it with this box: [OBLIGATORY WHINE HERE -- AS IF ANYONE ACTUALLY CARES ANYWAY]
The itself review is, as said, good as ever; even though I just don't get why people dislike Kingdom of the Crystal Skull so much (I mean the worst is by far Temple of Doom).
Keep it up, and start using copyrighted music again.

Hmm...can't say I'm crazy about the new intro style, and the little tacked-on bit at the end was nowhere near as good as the TF2 and Painkiller bits, but the core review was as hilarious as ever.

That wasn't too bad a review actually.

I'm sad to see your music selections are now gone, it did add that bit more humour and depth to your reviews.

ok now that i've seen it and am not retarded right now (can't make any promises for later though)

awesome lol pointy devil cocque i loved that ummmm perfect episode halo 3 was still my favourite of all time though i dont know if it'll get any better than that ever.

oh and fuck you the new opening is awesome!

Good job as usual. I'm curious, are you going to review Ninja Gaiden 2? I'd be interested to hear your take on it

My favorite part was definately the "review" of Indy 4. I liked it, but using interperative and lewd hand gestures is so much win.

I really wish the Escapist would remove those rotten integrated ads at the end of the feature.

Not entirely sold on the new format. The shark-jumping was last week, though, a new opening sequence hardly qualifies.

Review this week was confusing. It apparently ended on a positive note but I couldn't find any reason why it should be a positive review. Narrative incoherence is becoming a problem.

I have a new favourite Yahtzee review:) Best one ever. Yeah the music used to be good, but, meh. Blame the Copyright fascists. See, it all comes back to Nazis in the end.

That wasn't too bad a review actually.

I'm sad to see your music selections are now gone, it did add that bit more humour and depth to your reviews.

Really I saw no more depth than usual. Strange I must be missing something or you are just making something up that seems somewhat plausible.

good review

very funny this week Yahtzee, keep it up.

I like the new style of the intro there.

I have to admit that I had fun with the LEGO games that I played at a kiosk in a store while waiting for my friends to finish buying things uninteresting to me, but I was never really moved to buy the games. I think that's the healthier thing, really, because something about collecting vast numbers of little nuts-and-bolts things has doomed me to hours of single-player farming in the past. ._.

oh great now he's going to take over the world of film reviews as well well ladida mr. Yahtzee just try it!

Although I think that was the most accurate a film review has ever been.

nice one

Well, I'm glad that you "liked" Lego Indiana Jones. And heck, he even commented on the fact that people are going to complain about the new changes. Can't wait for next week!

-__- the new intro and outro.... eww. bring back the old intro and outro, those where hilarious.

Good review

and the theme song is cool to

Love the new intro, and I agree with you about the Lego games.

The new intro makes me feel deeply and irrationally afraid. I already miss the musical numbers.

In terms of the review, it was fun but nothing really exceptional. I've played parts of Lego Star Wars - which I found pretty fun, but I don't think I'd enjoy as much single player. I haven't played the Lego Indy; mainly because I've never been too into Indiana Jones. Am I right in thinking it's much of the same?

I think I found your review of the movie a bit funnier than the review of the game. Silent rage is always great.

hilarious and great as usual

new opening is awesome btw

I like the new intro style. It makes the whole video seem fresh and juicy, like some strange rock 'n' roll fruit.

The review was a tasty one, too. It also seemed fresh and crunchy and different, somehow.

I am not sure why it feels that way, but it does. Surely not some kind of Jedi mind tricks being played upon me by the spanking new intro schmozzle and Yahtzee's delectable visage? Perhaps so, but it is a good trick nevertheless, and I really enjoyed the review.

New intro is a bit iffy but a nice change.

Once again, you give a review that is not praising every little thing about such and such a game for most of the same reasons as to why I dislike such and such a game. Good job.

NO! I want ripped off music in ZP! It's part of the magic. Also the violence! Think of the violence!
Wait? What. I'm so lost.
Anyhow neat review but sure would be better if you would review games that people with a brain actually play. But I'll settle for Counterstrike.

This is probably my favourite ZP episode so far.

I almost fell off my chair laughing at 'Stickle Bricks Babylon 5'.


I have to say I like the old intro more than new one and O_O for movie review (didn't watch it(the real movie) yet though)

good as always, I too miss the music sections, but I probably am only saying this 'cause you mentioned the lack of music sections.
And crystal skull was reasonable in my opinion, though I'm probably only saying that because I saw it instead of Iron Man -.-

Great review, I miss the music selections but I'm sure we can all get used to the new intro and lack of licensed music in time.

"Alright kids, time to bring out the banhammer!"

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