The Escapist Presents: Gamecock's CEO Runs for President

Gamecock's CEO Runs for President

Mike Wilson, CEO of Gamecock, may never have been a member of the ESA, but he's committed to fun we can believe in, which is why he's running for President of the ESA. The Escapist will be providing exclusive coverage of his presidential bid. Stay tuned. We have no idea how this will turn out.

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What the hell?

We want change we can spend!!!

Very interesting.

With all the problems the ESA has been having recently, a change in leadership is probably for the best.

Good luck, Mike.

in all honesty i dont know what he is on about apart form E3 sucking, so aslong as he is commited to bringing back the fun to that im backing him!
good luck!

Weird sound quality.

Anyway! Lovely hair. And if Boris Johnson ever taught us anything: The best hair wins.

I must say that that was completely unexpected, yet awesome.



I'm not sure what to make of this one.



uymmmm what? is this a joke? if so it wasnt all that funny, if it was honest? o.0 is about all i can say

He pissed on a grave! He has my vote!

Vurr nice. Vurr nice. The whole pissing thing made me giggle and it got my vote.

One other thing; what was the song being played at the end? (PM if nesessary)

what was the song being played at the end?

That's a cover of "Trogdor the Burninator" by my good friend and perpetual musical slave, Ian Dorsch.


Damn I'm glad that guy is back into making games and causing insanity. It was getting boring without him.

I don't know who or what ESA is but hes got my vote whoever he was/is.

Great stuff! Gamecock is pushing the industry in a great direction. A good approach. I hope they succeed where Ion Storm and GOD Games failed. Besides, if Gamecock crashes, it will be spectacular. You have be willing to fail BIG!


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