Stolen Pixels #2: Capturing the Something

Stolen Pixels #2: Capturing the Something

In this installment of Stolen Pixels, Shamus Young sagely observes that those flags ain't gonna capture themselves, soldier.


They'll change it at once to correct a horrible, HORRIBLE mistake! Thank you Vaynes! Thank you for saving this webcomic from total destruction!

I knew it wasn't a flag... ;)

Just out of interest but are all the Stolen Pixels going to be based on the very, very weak story in UT3? Or will other games be on the receiving end in the near future?
Good comic btw, I did find the story aspect to the game so needless, almost turned me away from the game.

Could it be that you are actually playing corporate honchos from the national headquarters of some huge insurance conglomerate on a retreat who are all pretending to be fighting a real war? That would make a lot more sense.

I loled. thx.

Hehe, good one.

Well done Shamus.

Very nice. Having actually played through UT3's story mode, I appreciate the satire.

nice job and great fun UT is like BF: multiplayer is to kick some ass and singleplayer for practice

Those swimming goggles *are* pretty badass.

Hah! Excellent!

The guy with the goggles (sorry, haven't played UT3) reminds me a bit of my own attitude... 0_o

wow haha thats great!

Let's see: Swimming goggles, dress, tribal facepaint, and body armor so big it makes his chest look like a sea turtle. Not to meantion a crybaby attitude and the most banal name you could hope to devise. (Reaper. REAPER for crap's sake. The name "Doom Marine" has more personality than that.)

Yes, this is an *awesome* main character, sure to give Master Chief a run for his money. He's just a stroke of amnesia away from being the most uninteresting protagonist in history.

On the other hand, his sister is kinda hot.

Maybe this would have been more funny if I had played the game? It's still funny thought.

Ironically, in ancient warfare (from the Romans through the Napoleonic wars at least) capturing the flag was a major goal of each side. Weather it was because you diminished some of the "godhood" of the emperor who blessed the flag, or because capturing the flag meant that you killed the general who was usually standing next to it, seizing the opponent's standard usually meant you won the battle.

Of course, it wasn't "best 2 out of 3" and you didn't have to run back to your side with it to claim the victory.

I'm probably taking this too seriously, but like "gebtheiv" said, capturing the flag used to be a condition of victory in war. Primarily, it indicated that you have control of the castle/fort. However, it also was a measure of civilization, sparing casualties once the outcome was certain.
First of all though, the flag has to mean something. It's one thing if a Mongol horde stormed Parliament and captured the Union Jack. It's another thing if the Red team captures the Blue Teams's flag. If you want a story for CTF, make the flag mean something.

You know a game set in an ancient era, where communication with the troops is minimal and capturing the flag is the goal, would be fun.

Making a webcomic is like putting a note in a bottle into a sea of note bottles, and it takes something to stand out, and you definatily do. Keep it up.

Eagle Est1986
Shamus has said on his website that he'll be doing different games, not just UT3.

Glad to see you're back in the game Shamus. Chainmail Bikini was a tragic loss.

Heh. :)

I'll admit, CTF in UT3 was pretty intense stuff o.o serious business, folks loll


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