Inside Job: A Love Letter to Video Games

Inside Job: A Love Letter to Video Games

Erin Hoffman writes a love letter to the truly powerful members of the videogame industry - the gamers themselves.

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"The essence of public videogame misunderstanding comes from outside judgment on what a player appears to be doing without asking them what they are experiencing, what drives them to passionate action."

The basic truth, laid bare.

Lovely article.

I'm all choked up (Seriously!)

Beautifully said.

Made an account to let you know.

*Stands and claps*

A wonderful evaluation of the psychology behind games and gamers in general. The world is a messed up place, full of petty politics and injustices. Games are the one escape most of us have. The place where we can go from normal, hum-drum citizens to great heroes, releasing our inner idealists and living out our vision of a better world.

A truly moving article.

I realize i'm a year late to this party, but I too wanted to report I found this very moving. thank you so much Erin Hoffman.

wonderfully said and beautifully written, thank you again.


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