Gamecock CEO in Love Child Election Scandal

Gamecock CEO in Love Child Election Scandal

Earlier today, The Escapist received a shocking letter - with pictures - from a woman claiming to be an illicit lover of the candidate, and mother of his love child.

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Wah...? You serious? I really don't know what to say... seems I've been seeing the world of gaming through some rose-tinted glasses...

It's all just a joke. The pissing on the grave video was kind of amusing, but the wife one about this affair is just meh.

Wow she is hot. I would romp with her too! Guys will be guys! LOL

Really? She expects anybody to believe this? I really hope it was just a joke.

ya, and i really hope she's just some loser trying to get publicity, cuz if she aint, her ass is going to get kicked


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