Smile and Nod: The Extra E in E3

Smile and Nod: The Extra E in E3

Russ Pitts is off to Los Angeles for this year's E3, and he's taking the video camera with him. It seems reasonable to expect shenanigans.

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hmmm first post lol

anyways im completely in suspense for this, i havent really been following all this E3 stuff so far, but now that the escapist is covering some of it, i can at least get some news from the whole dam thing. I look forward to your reports and lets hope you dont have to walk as much =D

Can't wait to hear some good news. Usually they try to ramp up each day with at least one big/decent game. I hope that gaming will start being fun again. Donkey Kong is still a great game and for fun factor can compete with stuff they announced in previous years, *Cough Haze, or any 3d Sonic game.
FPS seemed to me to have plateaued after the AVP series when you were able to jump far and clim walls many moons ago. FPS are always the same stuff. The only FPS I've been excited for for a while now is Deus Ex 3. Maybe we will see a console flat out forfeit and pull out, with the 360 doing so well and easily made their profit launching early they could be developing their next gen. Good luck Russ and the rest of the Escapist crew in California.


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