Wilson Candidacy in Turmoil

Wilson Candidacy in Turmoil

Mike Wilson isn't a politician, or a big thinker. He's just a game company CEO who's had enough. Enough infighting, enough censorship and enough not fun-ness. So he's decided to do something about it.


Doesn't E.S.A. stand for Emerging Software Anarchists?

Tell you what you do to win this thing. Get you some high-powered furniture, couple bags of broken glass, some fireworks, and my cousin's dog Serpico Jr. He's a Welsh Terrier that got electrocuted by an Xbox 360. We were playin' Viva Pinata and he just ripped the chord out. Survived 240 volts of pure children's fun and lived to hate about it. Meanest damn dog I know.

This is an indoor election, right? We definitely need to get some Hell's Angels over too.


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