Zero Punctuation: Alone in the Dark

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Alone in the Dark

Yahtzee reviews Alone in the Dark while surprisingly neither alone nor in the dark.

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Brilliant as always. God must have chosen yahtzee to be the ruler of the world, because he has my vote :D

Another excellent review!

Nice review and all too true

Even funnier than I had hoped. One of your best.

Nice work mate. Very funny and enjoyable.

Brilliant Again

Once again Hilarious go Terry and Gonad.

Great stuff.

Does anyone else have problems with it not streaming well until its been out for 4-5 hours ?

Unfortunately I bought this not 2 days ago, well at least it was only £8 after all the discounts and points, I used.

Still haven't got around to playing it yet but there's enough people banging on about on the podcasts, forums etc.

LMAO at Terry and Gonad. great review once again

The music still sucks. Maybe you could make a competition for your theme music?

The Terry and Gonad model would certainly explain much of gaming as I've seen it. And only seconds before the screen asked me, I literally thought to myself "Hm. The music's starting to grow on me." Creepy.

It's kind of sad that the review only makes up half the video, though.

Awesome! I don't have an XBox, but I wouldn't buy that game if I did?
By the way, I think the new title sequence looks really awesome. Who designed it? Well done.

I was reminded by a very old game that also did not stop killing you after "pausing." Aquaman, that is what it was!

Cock-up Peninsula... brilliant. I'm going to have to find some way to rip that off now.

That was awesome, very very very funny, some tell tale signs of homosexuality pushing the surface there at the end but who am i to read into what is obviously a genius ploy and witty way of driving more stakes of shite through the awful brightly lit heart of AitD:Where did we put those fucking spare lightbulbs.

Also on a side note, which wont mean anything to anyone, and is simply my opinion but the reviews are going uphill in Metal Gear Rex. This is again better than the previous and they have been doing so for some time now. Great stuff.

Very funny. I haven't played the game but I enjoyed your review nonetheless.


Loved it, laughed out loud. Keep it up.

Ahh faulty physics engines; Aren't those what make games challenging?

I loved Terry and Gonad, perfect examples of how game designers seem to cock-up.

Wow, I'm surprised there's this many posts already. Damn funny though. Gogo Yahtzee!

And Yahtzee does it again! And yes, I'm grown used to the opening/closing music now. And another little bonus video complete with sweet hat! I guess that these little mini movies are going to become a stable feature (and I'm fine with it, so long as he wears the hat).

Funny, but missing that wonderful choice of ironic music...

My laptop had the nerve to freeze during the review so I angriy unplugged it then proceeded to bash it in with my remote. Thankfuly my computer doesn't seem to freeze up whenever I ask it to actualy do anything so I'll use that instead *grumble*

Interesting review and my favourite in a while. I especially iike how he went into a game trying to like it for once, maybe we should badger Yahtzee more often. I was never going to get this game but agree when allowing you to skip the game is only an asset when your not very good at it and have a temper problem

Awesome! I don't have an XBox, but I wouldn't buy that game if I did?
By the way, I think the new title sequence looks really awesome. Who designed it? Well done.

Russ Pits did the animation, I agree it's really nice. Good job russ. he also writes articles for the escapist.

Ouch, brutal. Now I know for sure to avoid this game. Love the "translation" of your Indy 4 review as well.

Yes,yes. It was a very funny review, but does anyone actually own or play AITD. I really, really tried to like the game. I feel people trying to crucify the game for being different and it could have been great save for a few errors. I enjoyed its innovations and its puzzles and it is definitely not the worst game ever!

Hey! World of Warcraft is NOT all grind quests.

Sometimes you have Alliance dipshits teabagging your corpse, too.

And if you're getting teabagged WHILE doing a grind quest, you are on a PvP server and deserve every salty nut-thrust into your gaping cakehole.

Lol very nice. love the terry/gonad metaphor :P

PvP servers were the only reason to ever play WoW. Ganking or grinding...hmmm...

The Brain Slug was pretty epic in the intro.

Futurama fan are you?

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