Kung Fu Grip: The Final Final Fantasy

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The Final Final Fantasy

Faced with the final conflict, the heroes of Final Fantasy fight the final battle against their final foes. Finally.


I've gotta say thats one impressive collection of action figures. The whole idea amused me and I laughed a bit, looking forward to some more.

I think this is the funniest episode yet. There are some things in there that will probably get the fanboys in a stir and I love it. I didn't even know they made figures for all the games.

wow. ok. that was pretty f*ckin epic.

Kudos! Kudos! WOW ... I've been on the lookout for this next installment and it was worth the wait! So amazing what can be done with action figures ... this was pure entertainment from start to finish ... I can't imagine a FF enthusiast who wouldn't completely enjoy this!!!

Another triumph for the fine bros. I laughed so hard when aki ross showed up...and then promptly was finalized...


Final Fantasy action figures kicking butt, randomly dancing, and dying......sweet! Awesome video guys....especially the SFX :)

This...This was not painful to watch... I actually laughed at some of it! OK, I can now add Kung Fu Grip to the little catagorization of things to watch on the Escapist. Now we just need to get rid of VGT and we're set...

This was one of the most retarded things I have ever seen. I lost a little respect for this site just now.

Yes, I thought it was so bad, that I had to register just to express how bad I thought it was.

I laughed so hard when aki ross showed up...and then promptly was finalized...

"I'd rather die than be saved by a character from the movie" was the best line in the whole thing. It could've used a little more imagination in how they died, but hey. It wasn't horrible.

Epic! Always awesome!

Tidus was so full of irony and hypocrisy. Hilarious.

Well that was a lot funnier than it had any right to be. Same time next week?

I hate those fucking random battles too. Killer job frieeeeends.

AmaZIING!!! sooo good loved it! cant wait to see whats next!

Surprisingly compelling.

this was truly and surprisingly one of the funniest videos i have ever seen. i had wondered upon initially seeing the title how you would possibly find humor in a genre with so many fans, without resorting to the sort of ignorant bashing that would simply insult those fans of the genre. my fears it seems were unfounded. the humor in this video was drawn from legitimate flaws, plot gaps, and lets face it just some horrible design choices. the way the producer of this video drew from feelings actually held by some of the fans of this genre has truly made for an entertaining few minutes. thank you

LOL I used to scream at my television the same way when those random battles would happen!!!

you guys continue to rock. loved it!!!

excellent! great to see the series evolving! looking forward to the next one :)

Freakin' GREAT! I was waiting for a modded He-Man Orko figure to play a cameo as the OG Red Wizard... ;)

Awesome vid! Can't wait to see what's next!!

very good indeed.

"Wait, who has the no-more-random-battles add-on?"


"Then put it on monkey!"

That one in particular made me laugh

like wow... production value is super good.. dont even know how they did some of those fx

OK. Random dancing when they won - now that was funny.

Awesome video, I laughed my @$$ off and I wish I had all those toys when I was a kid. Keep up the great work!!

Loved the effects on this one.It really coming along. "I OWN YOU!" Ha!

...Final Fantasy XII didn't suck...

Awesome. Nice touch with Steiner jingling, although I would have liked to have seen Tidus get killed legitimately.

This brings back memories of when my mom would play this game for hours and hours and fucking hours, man.

Thank you. I enjoyed it a lot.

ha! that was great! i loved it!

Still holds up to second and third viewings... and I'm not even a hardcore FF fan.

this will be the final.... final fantasy. ha!
this cracked me up! :D
good work, team ;)

Loved it. I doubt there isn't a single Final Fantasy player out there who wouldnt want to bone the female characters :P

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