Videogame Theater: Q-Bert, Part 1: Hello. My Name is Friend.

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Q-Bert, Part 1: Hello. My Name is Friend.

The beginning of a new adventure. With action, adventure, and a special little orange ball, Q-Bert takes to the streets.
(Adventure not guaranteed.)

This episode features Emmy-nominated Steve Agee, one of the stars of "The Sarah Silverman Program" on Comedy Central.


50 seconds in and I felt my life draining away. Please stop this.

I keep hoping VGT will improve. I'll probably keep watching it in spite of the fact that every episode so far has been fail. I mean, was this supposed to be funny? If we can't have funny, can we at least have cool?

The irony here is that people were looking forward to this Q-Bert episode. Ouch.
Also, I had, to this point, believed that when someone was featured in any form of entertainment, they were usually on for more than 30 seconds (and hopefully, delivered a line, or two). I recognize that your episode is like, 4 minutes long and thus even 1/2 of a minute represents a significant chunk, but Agee as a user didn't add humor or propel the storyline further. I'm guessing they paid you in advance and have to put up whatever is produced to get some return on their money.

I don't get what people hate about this series so much, It was good up until the space invaders one. This one had promise, but it just went on and on and nothing happened.

I actualy liked the end, even if the phoney trailer is hardly a original joke it was well executed.

Unfortunately the rest of the episode didn't make any sense to me, but it had charm.

That was it?

That was disappointing

VGT needs to roll over and die so Kung Fu Grip can finally be recognized as the greatest of parodies

I don't get it... its suppose to be entertaining right?

Kung Fu Grip only became exceptable in the Final Fantasy episode.

My fav videos on the escapist are:
1st Place: Tie between Unforgotten Realms & Zero Punctuation
3rd Place: Tie between De-rez & Kung Fu Grip
5th Place: Video Game Theater
6th Place: Drawn By Pain

Addiction jokes weren't funny the first time, and they aren't funny now.

Jesus, I haven't even watched this time and already more crack addict "jokes"?

Pac-man used twice
crack used twice
Pac-man AND crack used in the first episode.
Four episodes in and we've reused characters AND plots. Star Trek doesn't even rehash plots this much.

V is for vengeance with a bullet? I'm starting to enjoy watching this series solely to see just how bad it can get. Perhaps the Escapist has no choice but to let VGT continue its dreadful season due to a contract. But after that contract is up, please, for the love of all that is decent and humorous, get rid of this garbage.

Hey guys, quit the hate, spread the love. If you are gonna say something bad about it, make it more constructive then a plea for it to be removed. You don't "have" to watch it afterall...Or do you?

Hey guys, quit the hate, spread the love. If you are gonna say something bad about it, make it more constructive then a plea for it to be removed. You don't "have" to watch it afterall...Or do you?

Some of us have already tried to give constructive criticism. We were told that we are wrong and that no one is forcing us to drink this cup of tea. There's really no point in giving out constructive criticism when it falls on deaf ears.

Hang on, is it me, or has this taken de-rez's slot, if so, DEATH TO VGT!!!

??? I don't get this show at all. Maybe its just not my humor. Are you guys on anything when you make this stuff?

I think "Emmy-nominated Steve Agee" should be ashamed of himself

This better not have taken De-rez's slot. De-rez was gold compared to this.

After Kung-Fu Grip managed to surprise me, I promised I would give VGT one more chance.

That was a mistake.

Look, I could go on about the series faults (mainly its lack of humor), but I'd just be repeating myself.

So it sucked, par for this series.

well, I finally watched it, and two things

1) It
2) I was able to sit through the whole thing (mostly due to point 1)

Wow. The sad part is that I was really looking forward to this episode for a long time. A retarded character has so much potential. Shame...

This was actually watchable. Not very funny but an improvement nonetheless.

This series continues to disappoint me, and I'm genuinely bothered by it because I thought the first episode was priceless.

What happened?

Q-Bert is cute.


The gang's all here!


I liked this episode least of all. But that's like saying a freshly picked raspberry rainbow covered in delicious caramel is less savory than a store bought raspberry rainbow covered in delicious caramel.


You want the best. And fresh is always best.

But sometimes you're in a hurry. And then you'll take that rainbow any way you can get it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is some people don't like raspberries. Some people don't like rainbows. Some people don't like caramel. And therefore, when you combine two or three of the above, you exponentially multiply the loathing some people feel for something rare and precious.

Like a retarded videogame character.

More Pitfall Harry, please.

Oh, and Steve Agee and Jeremy Carter are a huge boost. I hope we see more of them in the second half.

I'm not really sure what my point was...

Anyway, it's still good.

Harry Tatcher:
I liked this episode least of all. But that's like saying a freshly picked raspberry rainbow covered in delicious caramel is less savory than a store bought raspberry rainbow covered in delicious caramel.

I want to pick a fresh raspberry rainbow covered in delicious caramel. It sounds intoxicating! intoxication required in order to see this raspberry rainbow?

That was less unbearable than previous episodes, mostly because it wasn't trying to force absent humor upon us.

In an effort to make constructive critism perhaps it's not meant to be funny but more of a what if Video game characters were in a drama okay I admit a rather not that great drama but it ticks more boxes in that area of a genre then comedy so if it's meant to be funny then I'm stumped.

Where the hell were the jokes again? I waited and waited and it was just complete crap again.

Dreadful. Truly and absolutely dreadful.

You know funny is subjective and rather personal. It doesn't exist as an Aristotelian essence. Therefore, it might be instructive to establish a baseline for what is considered funny as a man (or woman) who condemns basil simply may not possess the sensory organs to appreciate the taste of basil and may condemn basil out of ignorance and a biological lack of a dualiginium, which is Latin for "basil taster." (No, it isn't. I just made that shit up).

So, for example, I like Robert Smigel, Larry David, Andy Kaufman, Wes Anderson, Whit Stillman, Smothers Brothers, Lenny Bruce, but I don't particularly care for Mel Brooks, Stone and Parker, Chris Rock. I fence sit on Chapelle. But I like David Cross and Odenkirk (usually when he's teamed with someone else).

I like Zero Punctuation (how can you not?), but find most of the other comic content on Escapist spotty, but demonstrating flashes of brilliance. There's great potential there, for sure.

So, I guess I can't begrudge someone their opinion for enjoying South Park (I do enjoy it, but VERY rarely) or Robin Hood: Men in Tights (which I find almost unbearable) or Forest Gump (which I loathed with white hot contempt), but I'm in the minority as most people would rather watch a Will Ferrell movie than lap up Last Days of Disco with their mostly vestigial dualiginium (<-- made up).

Having said that, the incendiary components of accumulating tinder on the forest floor of VGT will go up, it's just a matter of time. You can stroll about the verdant pathways and bitch about the unsightly heaps of pine needles and such, but sooner or later that shit is gonna blaze. So come to the show early or come to it late, but it's gonna be on.


I mix metaphors.


Suddenly, I have the strange image in my head of Jay and Silent Bob traveling the country to pound everyone that posted negative comments about their movie.

*locks door*

The opening credits were the best part, again.

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