Waypoints: Backing Up

Waypoints: Backing Up

An orderly home is just an internet connection away, leaving Adam LaMosca wondering how much of his life he can cram onto a hard drive.


I loved this article. I have to agree, this made me look around, and see how much I did through my hard drive, and if it was lost, how much I would lose. It makes you think, the more compact something gets, it's easier to lose it all.

I agree that it would be a frightening prospect to lose my hard drives however, thinking rationally, what am I more likely to lose? A few dozen pieces of papers of random level design sketches, or a hard drive with all of these images on it? A decent hard drive should last in excess of 5 years, and when I think about it those few dozen pieces of paper probably take a couple of weeks to fall behind a cupboard, under the desk, get thrown away and generally get lost/forgotten. Losing a hard drive/internet access is a frightening prospect, however the likelihood of some sort of event managing to knock out the internet and erase all hard drives is a lot lower then me losing pieces of paper, photo's and other physical media.

One of my greatest fears (and hopes ironically) is a global loss of electricity. Mankinds ever increasing dependance on technology I find quite sad. When the power is out at home I feel at loss for what to do, I wouldn't be able to survive in the wilderness and try suggesting to your friends that all our modern sanitary rituals aren't really necesary.

And don't get me started about cloning humans and robots with idependant thought (things I both expect and fear to se in my lifetime), A.I and The Matrix left an inpact on me afterall. While I only dislike a handfull of specific technologies I do think we rely way to much on those we have.


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