Zero Punctuation: The E3 Trailer Park

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Another great vid, but you can't say Far Cry 2 doesn't look awesome.

Very entertaining, worth staying up til 2am for. Especially loved the wake up clap XD

Meh to Final Fantasy as it will just be the same game but more over the top. As for the others theres is hope, even for Fallout 3. I think most bitterness towards it is coming from Fallout 1 and 2 fans but then again I will have to play it myself to judge I suppose.

Great video BTW as usual.

yet again you ride into the end of the day with your dick limp and a dissapointment monkey on your soulders thank you for doing this for all of us so we don't have to =D cheers to a horible year in gaming

On the topic of Fallout 3, you only get the camera angle slow motion thing when using your VAT, which you cannot use all the time.


No love for Mirror's Edge? Not to say one game completely makes up for these things, but it certainly looks the least bad (or "good" if you prefer). I mean, platformers were great, now we have what looks like a great FPPlatformer.

You didn't read the bit he put in the credits?

ah, well its hard to sit through "GUIIIITARRRRRRRR FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" When it blares so loud, I'll go check it out again.

So yea, please - volume control, Yahtzee.

Great, specially the part where yathzee says OI and claps XD
What about Fable 2? :(

As a note, I was slightly disappointed to see that he didn't comment on Nintendo's insane announcement that they weren't marketing to core gamers anymore at E3, but rather the Moms and Snowboarders, with some Animal Crossing and Graphs thrown in just in case you hadn't lost all hope quite yet.
Woke me up, I'll say that much. I watched this just after I got up... not the best time to get yelled at by Yahtzee.

Excellent, this was just what i've been waiting for, a good E3 round up from Yahtzee! ^^
I don't have consoles or a computer good enough to play any of these games (i kinda wish i'd bought a PS3 instead of a Wii), but i totally agree with you on Gears Of War 2...

Oh, and Mirrors Edge is going to be sweet. It's probably the most realistic FPS (if not game) i've ever seen. But i won't hold by breath until i've actually gotten a chance to play it.

Oh, and i loved the 'Oi!' part! ^^

George Lucas is releasing a new Star Wars movie...its a 3d cartoon...based loosely off of the 2d cartoon of the clone wars. It's going to be terrible.

Great mention of gears of war two, in my opinion. The hype that everyone saw with that game was lost on me from the beginning. The E3 makes me want to download Game Maker again just so I can pump out an awesome side scrolling platform title that gets distributed over the internet to more PCs than any of these franchise games.

Naturally, it makes me sad in the pants to see how unoriginal the "creativity" of the big game developers has become, Pase in coint in this episode of ZP with the comment of Microsoft and Sony's belligerent butt Firetruck theft of each others ideas. PlayStation 1080 incoming, anyone?

Excellent review of the E3. Although I have the feeling that many of these games are better than the cynical views expressed and endorsed by the escapist community ;P

Best part in the video,



XD that was awesome

first you "blew my socks off", then after the *clap clap* OI i laughed them off again
i cant find them now T_T

I agree with the theory of cynicism, and have for a while. I don't understand why some people still find E3 exciting, but... c'est la vie. Besides, I thought after the huge disappointment that was E3 last year everyone turned their attentions to PAX as the new big gaming event of the year. Was I misinformed?

*nevermind* delete post please


I'll admit for the past week, I just thought, "Oh, christ, Yahtzee is going to bitch about how laughable Nintendo's E3 was, like the past ten or twenty some Internet webcomics and such."

But this was my favorite video thus far, which is good, because I thought I was beginning to see a slump in the series.

All in all, I'm happy that I wasn't the only one that saw the other ridiculous slump in the game industry. Not only did E3 show off nothing but sequels for the PS3/360, but we've known about them from months to YEARS. Just like what Yahtzee -kinda- said with the FFXIII trailer, games can't promise much with CGI trailers, let alone CGI trailers that were shown off THREE FREAKING TIMES IN THE PAST THREE YEARS. It's like someone is wowing the fanboys with a sign that says 'raw potential coming out in 20XX.'

Also, I'm happy that I'm not the only one who remembered that Nintendo said they were going after a new audience TWO YEARS AGO. Seeing everybody ***** and cry about it now in spite of this fact is just laughable.

This video is the highlight of my week... Yeah, I'm willing to say that even now. I'm going to go watch it again.

It was, in hindsight, a bad idea to be drinking when I watched this, as I now have to spend the next few minutes cleaning up my desk area. Yes thats right, thanks to yahtzee I now actually have to clean stuff when im on leave. The bastard.

The fallout 3 awesome camera angle thing is only when you use VATS. So its optional, and I think it should get boring after the 20th or so time, cause I think VATS is a lame add-on that no self respecting FPS gamer will ever use short of being surrounded, having 2 health and only having the fatman, a gun that you NEVER want to fuck up a shot with

Dude look at the ending of the credits

"So let's all jump around on the ceiling dressed like twats!"

Amen, brother.

Its not an add-on through really is it, I mean, it has been brought across from the other Fallout games.

Brilliant. But then again hasn't it allways been? E3...what to say. Disapointment? Yeah, that would be my choice of word. Well, perhaps not as good as it used to be...

EDIT: Gotta give a little love for Mirror's Edge...was in a hurry.

It would be a delightful irony if Mirror's edge turned out to be the only disappointing game of the bunch. Though I consider myself a cynic I do cling to the hope that Sonic Unleashed might be at best slightly worse than Sonic Adventure 2 ... which was slightly worse than sonic adventure one ... which was slightly worse than all the Genesis Sonic games.

Ah, nice to see that the general consensus on this site is that E3 sucked mammoth balls.
Another collection of memorable metaphors again as well.

I liked the Gear of War 2 bit.
Although I expected that Yahtzee would somehow mention that Fallout 3 has already been banned in Australia.

yes i love the prince of persia series one of my favortie games

Although I expected that Yahtzee would somehow mention that Fallout 3 has already been banned in Australia.


Awww, I thought the new PoP looked interesting.

I'm beginning to think that Yahtzee is even more of a genius. While I was watching the video, I found myself thinking more than I usually do in a day. I figure that's because you need to think to both understand what he's saying at 300 MPH and understand the jokes.

Which is why I think he's a genius, he has succesfully eliminated idiots from his viewer audience. Well done, Yahtzee. You got me to mute my TV for the duration of your videos.

I had a feeling you'd agree with my view of E3

I never laughed through this one...But I did agree with a few of your points, mainly that Mirror's Edge looks sweeeeee

Beh...I'm still watching the new PoP...and WAR

I'd just like to point out that whilst this was one of the funniest ZPs Yahtzee's done in a while, it is a bit hypocritical of him to comment on unoriginality when last weekend I was listening to Yahtzee say exactly the same thing on a podcast with two Aussie's I've never heard of on his personal site...

But, as always, awesome vid...except, ya know, the aforementioned blatant fail.

Another great vid, but you can't say Far Cry 2 doesn't look awesome.

No, I can say it looks pretty damn close to Crysis minus the nanosuits though.

funny how the only game I'm actually looking forward to is GoW2...

Oh great. Another one who bashes sonic. Now I admit that the most recent sonic games were pretty badly made, but the old sonic adventure series was totally owsumn.
Overall he had a very good point, but watching that particular part
(as the die-hard sonic fan that I am) felt like getting my balls ripped of ... one by one!!!

Ah, Yahtzee. How many things have you just said to reaffirm what I've thought for years? Everything about cynicism/pessimism and everything about the CGI trailers, both spot on with what I've always thought.

I really do wish we would get more original games, though. Wheres Tim Schafer when you need him? Biggest E3 disappointment was that Brütal Legend did not show up. Schafer seems to be the only long time game designer that hasn't either given up all hope or fallen into lame sequeltopia.

I've given up hope, though, that any of the other original game designers, if there are any, will never show up at E3 since it appears that if it isn't already an established game series or by one of the big boys, then it's not worth showing.

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