Zero Punctuation: The E3 Trailer Park

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The part where you clapped actually woke me up. XD

Towards the end of the vid I thought "maybe I shouldn't get too excited about the new Watchmen movie just from watching the trailer", but then you shared my enthusiasm; thus making my day. :)

ah, good. mentioning Mirror's Edge. cuz that does look pretty sweet :P

I too wondered about E3 and why it's pretty much all squeal year -_-. Boring .. but i'm intresting in this idea about french chef's riding stick insects and shooting a raptor gun... sound slike a intresting game.

Thanks again for making another work day alittle less pants ^^.

P.s. I love my Pants on Head retarded T-shirt!!!

Woo, that PoP trailer almost had me fall down my chair!
I hope it plays as well as the trilogy, because it really looks amazing. Still has that fairy tale glow about it, the trilogy also had.

Oh, and the awesome music used in the video? Sæglópur by Sigur Rós, an Icelandic band.
Not as generic as your everyday [native English speaking country here] band, correctly observed.

Oddly enough, the game I'm looking forward to the most is one that's probably gone under everyone else's radar: Mercs 2. Launching cruise missiles with reckless abandon just screams "must play" to me.

Oh, and who wants to bet that the closing message in Yahtzee's next vid will be along the lines of "Shut up about V.A.T.S. you cunts"? I've got 3:1 odds.

You haven't said anything about halowars... It looks set to be good and with how long its taken to make it bloody well should be, and nintendo also announced making many games for 3 year olds or handicaps...

The fallout 3 awesome camera angle thing is only when you use VATS. So its optional, and I think it should get boring after the 20th or so time, cause I think VATS is a lame add-on that no self respecting FPS gamer will ever use short of being surrounded, having 2 health and only having the fatman, a gun that you NEVER want to fuck up a shot with

...It's not an FPS. It's an RPG and a system for targeting specific body parts was in both originals so it's not really an add on.

Decent video compared to the latest rants. But it begs the question, why on earth didn't Croshaw mention anything about the Duke Nukem trailer e3 had...

Did he see the joke far too obvious.. or was the issue used, digested, thrown up and recycled already?

heh, so true im constantly having to show my house mates the distinction between game cinematics and the actual game play and how the two are not really linked

Yahtzee, you aromatic scallion you...

(sorry, had that in my head when I watched all your reviews for the first time, especially BioShock...)

Anyway, yes, you do have a point since it does appear a crop of sequels are coming with very few 'original' ones.

Makes me wonder what you think about Shigero Miyamoto's announcement that he's making yet another 'Mario' title. Heard it last night on XPlay...

As to your dig at Episode 3...which should include 2 and 1...have to agree with you there. Too much CGI, bad direction and bad acting can really ruin a movie no matter how much glitzy special effects you throw on the screen.

Besides that I will wonder what possible review you'll leave once 'The Force Unleashed' comes out, though 'Mirror's Edge' does look interesting.

I guess we'll wait and see.

An good rundown of E3... but why the nu metal introduction? whenever the reviews start I feel like Hulk Hogan is about enter the ring...

3 new games I am casually looking forward featured at this E3. None of them are sequels.
1. Mirror's Edge.
2. Dead Space. (Event Horizon the game... :p)
3. Rage (aside from a lackluster name, I am looking forward to this blend of racing and FPS)

EDIT: Oh, while I really liked Prince of persia; the sands of time. I found Prince of persia; The emo within. Incredibly gay, and if I wanted to play God of War, I would do just that. (I never got to try the two thrones, since I really didn't care anymore after the middle game.)

Also, since Ubi soft farts out PoP games like EA ejaculates sports sims. It really gets old rather fast as a whole.

It wont play for me what the hell?!

same here. didnt load fat princess comments ;_;

i agreed with everything you said. not because im some insane yahtzee fanboy. because its true. the current generation it just horrible with all these unimaginative games and all. and mirror's edge does look very good.

and here is my attempt and making a game.

a high school student, who goes to a clown school must save his fellow classmates from ghosts. by using a slingshot where he pulls out random clown items out of his pocket. as he progresses through the game, he gets better clown stuff. like a rainbow wig that he can deflect projectiles with, and a scuicide clown car that explodes and rains candy down upon the ghosts and burns them.

hey, he's right. it isnt that hard.

Tee hee, another Wednesday filled with lulz. Thank you, Yahtzee.

i agreed with everything you said. not because im some insane yahtzee fanboy.

I've heard denial is the first sign. If you need help about your yahtzee addiction, please call 08000 LV2HLP, calls charged at £20 per minute


Core gamers such as myself have very much been living this fascade of both loving games while being chagrined at how general casual-friendly marketing and poor game design generally deliver an unsatisfying experience. There is the occasional gem that keeps us hooked on gaming, but it seems as though those gems are getting further and further apart sometimes. Thus, we become jaded to the point where we're not getting our hopes up anymore.

This video makes me go, "wow" (stop confusing it with World of Warcraft) because apparently this kind of angst has reached absolutely cliche' proportions. There it is, up in beautiful Yahtzee-o-mation, my personal crusade - from which I have derived some 250 entries lamenting in my self-serving Blog - revealed not so much a personal crusade as it is business as usual at this point.

So yes, a third time, "Wow." I think I need to have a breakfast and a lie down.

Seems most of the XBOX gritty games are overtly simple and filled with macho carpet muncherssssss, and directed by Uwe Boll or something...Yet, I have been a cynic since the game industry moved away from complex well rounded PC titles like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Beyond Good Evil to freakin' Gears of War with all with characters with laughable ape jaw- habsburg jaws.

About Mirror, edge, Yahtzee, rembember what you said in E3 about the problem of 1st person platforming? I am still a cynic about it but I guess I can get behind that XP

mirrors edge DOES look pretty sweet, it prolly the only big commercial type game I'm looking forward too.

I'll looking forward to final fantasy 13 too but I guess it doesen't actually count as a game, the play is something way after secondary.

ROFL at the line with you clapping and yelling "oi". That was really unexpected and broke your the usual tone. Best line in this review. Keep up the good work. I agree, this was one very sad E3. I'm only looking forward to Starcraft 2 and Tales of Vesperia(maybe FF13 sence it is now 360). Everyother game everyone is getting hyped about does not matter to me. The GoW online was a joke and I dont expect the 2nd to be any better. To many shotgun hoes.

Amen on the Watchmen trailer, which is a million times more interesting than E3.

Not that it's particular hard to be more interesting than E3, but still.

Obviously, Yahtzee didn't say anything about GoW2 because he couldn't think of anything bad to say about it.

Yay, we're smarter than fanboys. Also, Yahtzee, good job as usual, I think you should of insulted Resident Evil 5 for trying to curve the cries of them being racist and said that any game maker worth his salt wouldn't change there games just for those inane cry babies who try to sue you if the main enemy's great great great grandfather was 1/10^1000% black.

Also, the beggining where the mention of the wii doing what is was supposed to was fricken hilarious when you think about.

ps. I still want to know what Yahtzee thinks about gears of war.

I totally agree with what you said about the protagonist characters these days, they are all the same fucking Ryan Seacrest (American Idol) and Josh Dumal lookalikes- example, Haze, Mass Effect, Alpha Protocol (It's not going to be good, Honest!!!!!!!!!) FEAR, Splinter Cell and MANY MANY FUCKING MOREEEEE X(

YES i love this video YES!!!!!!!!!!!
i am so happy i was waiting for you to say something about mirror's edge and i am glad it peaks ur interest i hope you review it later.
this is by far the funniest and most clear and clever videos you have done.


No one has any faith in Fallout 3, it seems.

Outside of NMA you mean? Because outside of "ABANDON ALL HOPE!" Yahtzee-man, non-NMA Fallout fans are pretty much looking forward to this game.

I think there are a lot of people disappointed that they took the FPS/OTS (over the shoulder) style approach, and implemented a VATs system that really isn't like a turn based combat mechanic.

It's all very different, and IMO, shouldn't be called Fallout 3. It should really either be a remake of Fallout 1, or called something like, a Boy and His Dog, the video game...

...I will admit excitement for Fallout 3. Extreme, pants-wetting glee.

But I am trying very very hard to kill this speck of utter flying glee. I must be pessimistic, damnit.

(...Also: Rorschach's voice is perfect. DAMNIT there it goes again. Stupid residual optimism)

Allow me to expand on Yahtzee's point.

Yes, cynicism rocks. The last time a trailer really got my attention was last year, when Bioshock PC/X360 was being shown. It really had me fascinated (plus yay System Shock Spiritual Successor) SecuRom and install limits - aka DRM hell - brought me back to the world.

Point being: in the past, you could be cynical about PC games themselves, now you have to include the *expletive deleted*-ing DRM into the equation as well, i.e. the *expletive deleted* the game has nothing to do with, but nonetheless downplays the entire experience. Because of it, I'm not going to buy Fallout 3 PC, for instance.

As far as PC games are concerned, I hope they find an acceptable DRM solution really, really soon. It's going nowhere right now.

Better, but still got that godawful tripe intro.

No, I won't stop going on about it.

Fricken agreed evil.

I think that was probably the funniest one yet. The Resident Evil 5 bit was hilarious.

He says in the ending text he looks forward to it.

BLeh, I don't see why people made a big deal about E3 this time around, heck it's smaller, and more cost effective to the point that anything coming out of that isn't going to be big or ground breaking. Heck even Nintendo doesn't really care that much about E3 to show any of their products coming in the future, it's not like any fanboys or core gamers other than the press was actually at the event anyway.

E3 this time seemed more like a press conference "We are still making the games we should you! They are not vaper ware like Duke Nukem Forever Meltdown 3!"

All in all I thought Gears looked more interesting, it's doing better refining than Halo ever did.

It was a good video, had to say I was dosing off at one point when he suddenly made me pay attention but that is beside the point.

Stupendous. Loved the OI. Loved the completely necessary and not often enough done arse ripping of Beth.

Meh'd at the FFXIII thing, but only because it was obvious and I kinda like the whole pointy hair thing BUT we're all different and at least you're consistent.

Failout3 definitely definitely needs the Yahtzee treatment. Can't wait :)

And yes I've got used to the music.

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