Kung Fu Grip: Star Wars: A New Halo

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Like others have stated, the repetition of the same skit over and over again made this not so funny and more monotonous. I say add the variety and work on the jokes a little more.

haha the halo dudes we're kinda good :) keep up the good work

Sure yea, what ever.


i've read the comments here and looked a other things on this site (i just joined) and i came here because of the fine bros and i have to say that the people who comment negatively about their stuff seem to be looking for something different from what i like. i like to laugh and be silly. is this site only for serious super intellectual people who need to talk abut games like they are all professors? i mean, this video in particular is so filled with amazing sets, recreations, detailed effects, and just all around fun eye candy. is this site only for people who consider words the most important thing? c'mon, have fun! to tell you the truth, the responses of these "snobs" actually turns me off. but the fine bros are here, so I'm going to hang around for awhile.

well said

I agree with broadband and Crinkle. Well Said!!!!

I liked this one too. Each spoof made me laugh. My thought afterwards was "Who needs to see Star Wars when we've got this?" ;D

Lol! Is there a reason why Stormtroopers even get training when they can't hit crap! I was waiting for a spartan to toss a frag into the fray... and I wasn't disappointed. :)

Do Spartans carry a grappling hook and line in there utility belt? No? Then it's Stormtroopers for the win, even though it made no difference to the story other than to save the heros life, and it is doubtful the Stormtrooper would even need it on a space station the size of a small moon.

AT-ST > Warthog


I've seen dog turds that are more entertaining.

I've been watching the escapist stuff for awhile now and this was so bad I made an account to comment with. I've seen all of your stuff and it's not funny at all. this one being the worst so far.

LOL!! great work yet again =0D i love star wars and maybe next time they should use the help of the spartans ;)

hah i totally agree

This was pretty pointless. Might have been funnier if you actually put in some jokes about halo or star wars.
EDIT: I did like this but it just could've been a lot better.

So so far, they're improving, but not very fast. In my opinion and overall public responce, the KFG videos are ranked in this order it seems...
1. Final Fantasy video(I dont commit names to memory!)
2. Halo/Star Wars video
3. Snake/Hospital video
4. GTA4 Auditions video

well, thats how it seems to be seen anyway, and I wont bother re-iterating what everyone else has already said, I just think the creators need to look at what was popular here, and what wasnt.

haha awesome!! i loved 3PO's demise!

A little too much "HALO ROCKS" for me.

Timing is the most important part of comedy...'nuf said.

I thought it was great! A huge difference from the videos of the old days!! We loved it!

:-) simply hilarious! you guys are great!

Haven't been all that big on halo since the first one,
but still thought this was hilarious.

wow that absolutely sucked. same joke again and again, and it wasnt funny the first time. also you can stop felating halo any time now. PLEASE

Not bad... but a little bit too repetitive. There could have been more variety than "heroes get shot up."

Ha, "i'm just f*ckin with them"... classic.. come on, who didn't have a problem with some of the original story's plot holes?

Well, I don't know if you consider the stormtroopers being ass-retarded a "plot hole", but I still loved the idea of replacing them with Master Chiefs.

Keep them coming!

yeah wtf is up with that? the storm troopers are all based off the genes of the greatest bounty hunter ever, and they are all dumb? it's the same thing with the Genome soldiers in MGS. argh.

i ran thru this again as an experiment to see it the second time.. the idea of repeat serial killing is mac...to jump that on us in just a couple of minutes of slam or blood slam comedy is cool...i was thinking if it ran for ten and you sped up the killing it would natural born blood bloks ...this might be my fave

After the last KFG i thought things were looking up, guess i was wrong. this episode just hammers the same joke repetedly, funny the first time mabey, after that, meh. plus there was no reason for the storm troopers to be spartans, coulda just called it, "what if storm troopers were more compitant".

The ending would have been funnier if they got owned by vader -_-.

I was expecting something more along the lines of stormtroopers replaced with the average loud and obnoxious xbox live halo player, (Maybe with Darth Vader force choking all of them in frustration)

K seriously, I don't know why people don't like this, I thought it was funny!

Some people are just hard to please....

Wats with evry1 agreeing with one another? evil conformists!

I usually just watch Zero Punctuation, but after getting around and looking at different Escapist videos, I am learning quickly that Yahtzee is truly the only funny individual on this site.

It's annoying how you put halo into half of your movies, when halo isnt even that great.

Someone pointed out before that more jokes could have been made about stuff like plasma grenades. Or, especialy, energy swords vs lightsabers.

And it needs greater mocking of the STs inaccuracy by way of a sniper rifle.

Still, it was pretty funny.

LMAO "I figured what happened to you!!" *BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG*

That and the smugling one were the only ones that make sense with the rules of the Starwars universe. Overall, not their best work, but at least it wasn't as bad as the Final Final Fantasy

You guys missed out on a LOT of eggs there.

1.) They shot out Leias boobs in the trash compactor scene.
2.) They shot out a "finger FU symbol" on Luke

you can find the rest.

This was truly very entertaining indeed and very funny. Well done guys.

It was funny but there was only like 3 or 4 jokes and the first is repeated at least 6 times....

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