Review: Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

Review: Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

Nathan Meunier braves the depths of the Chocobo's Dungeon and finds there's some substance beneath that sugary exterior.


I remember playing chocobo's dungeon way back when on ps1. Your reaction to that game was like 'Aw, look, a little bird and a marshmallow are going treasure hunting!'...for like the first five seconds. Then you blinked, got 4 game overs, and a sneaking suspicion you'd just been molested.

Ooh, I would just love to play it seeing how I am a girly die hard Final Fantasy fan ^^ Guess I'll just have to bug someone who owns a wii (yeah, I went with the ps3 ;P)

I really tried to enjoy this game, we'll start with that.

After reading so many decent reviews of this game and being a general fan of the franchise I figured it would be more of the same kiddish yet enjoyable gameplay I've enjoyed in the past. Sadly this was shunted and kicked in the nether regions almost as soon as I turned on the game.

First of all the voice acting is MISERABLE! Now, I know Square has a less than perfect slate when it comes to voice acting but FFXII wasn't bad and the voice acting in FFIV DS is wonderful. There is NO reason this aspect had to fall head first into the flames of writhing agony but alas I was given the goosebumps of embarrassment and a sickening feeling every time anybody in the game would open their pixelated filth mouths. Regardless, I could look past this, I have in the past with previous games and figured this wouldn't be too much of a challenge so long as the gameplay is worthy.

Now here comes the part I didn't like about this game. I honestly think it stems from the fact that I'm a fan of rogue like dungeon crawlers and in that sense, I've played my fair share. In terms of gameplay I would rate this, being a rogue, mediocre. The aspects of the game are so limiting, the gameplay becomes droll and repetitive and the class system does no save it. Even with the graphical advantages of putting a rogue like in a 3d environment I found the animations and graphics boring and lack luster.

The story while lauded I feel was actually quite weak compared to Squares other ventures. That's all I'm going to get into with that.

Anywho, I can't believe I paid top dollar for this game but now that I do have it, I try to make the best of it. However I will reiterate DUNGEON HERO X! has caused me more pain and suffering than my worst fever induced nightmares.

Nice review, many player tend to judge it before even playing. But, I think this kind of game should stay on the DS. For a Wii game, made by Square-Enix, this isnt enough.

Atlast, that games on the DS (for example PKMN Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time / Darkness is very nice) dont have voice acting. ;)


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