Preview: Black Gold Lets Steampunk Battle Fantasy

Preview: Black Gold Lets Steampunk Battle Fantasy

The upcoming MMO from Snail Games features fighting on steam tanks and giant elephants.

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Fantasy vs Steampunk? YES!

Steamtanks?! YESSSSS!


I will give it a try, and the fact that they seem to be incorporating EVE online elements strikes my interest.

Oh. I got really excited cause I thought it was a remake of the Commodore 64 game where you run an oil company, but steampunk elephants are good too. I guess.

You know I'm not sold. It honestly looks like one of those games that's trying too hard. Maybe it'll be fun, but as its an MMO all the class will have to be roughly balances. So it'll created the awkward situation where a steam-powered rotocannon does the same amount of damage as a woodsman ax.

Upsetting that it's an MMO; but the screenshots look very nice. I think I might just have to look into it anyway.


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