162: Too Much Information

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Graffiti Writer:

My goodness, that's quite a lot of euphemisms for breasts.

Boobs, upper body, bosom, heaving cleavage, buxom, shirt baggage, cup size, statuesque polygons, chesticles, baby feeders, jubblies, and knockers.

And you don't get much help from a thesaurus when it comes to articles like this, either. I had to resort to Hustler, Parade and every other website on the internet to get my diction pumping on this one. The Escapist encourages such dedication from its writers, though.

I think that is the best thing i have ever read. I admire your dedication as a writer, lol.


I mean, come on guys. A woman may be drop dead gorgeous, but if she's boring I doubt you'd stay with her no matter how large her chest is.

why else do you think so many guys have a love-em-and-leave-em attitude? cuz they bang hot chicks with no brains then ditch them because they won't shut up about the dumbest shit.

Someone was looking way to much into this:


I see soemone really really wanted to talk about boobs......

I can honestly say Lara's front duel weapons never influenced my thoughts or view of her games at all. I still pretty much thought they were at best ok and worse dull games. Breasts or not didn't change that.

Ewwww, dawkins reference.

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