de-rez: E3 Trailers

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E3 Trailers

Have you ever wondered what kind of games should have been released at E3?


ABSOLOUTLY SEXCELLENT! I would play voice man :D

hahaha very good
it got alot of laughs for me
btw were the two developers introducing the games supposed to be parodies of existing devs. & if so who were they supposed to be?

The face on Chris Slack right before he stepped off the stage before the trailer for Baby Killer was sexcellent. It seemed to say "I'm pretty sure they're not quite getting this. Maybe I should say something else. No. No. I should just get off and let the trailer speak for itself."

The videogame scenes were hilarious.

The baby killing one was a tad to tasteless for me...

But Voiceman was awesome!

What I like about de-rez is that acting yourselvs instead of animating allows less good jokes to be funnier.

Haha, I'd certainly buy Voiceman.

Great video, as usual. The concept of stealing someones voice seems interresting :D

Best De-Rez video... well, next to the Jack Thomson movie.

The sheer randomness of Voice Man makes me oh-so-terribly happy inside.

I loved this. Bloody brilliance you guys. The Escapist has a good eye for talent.

"I mean if Metal Gear Solid could do it, why not us?"
I was cracking up at that point.

Truly a sexcellent episode. I laughed a lot, voice man certainly looks interesting but loved the 'some people just find assassin games too hard' spin.

Baby Killer wasn't too bad, but it just seems worthless compared to VOICE MAN.
Wouldn't have minded the entire episode to be built around that, actually.

But even then, best De-Rez ever, even if only one half was actually good.

One question. Is Voice Man/Baby Killer coming out for the PC?

Haha. I loved them both. Great job. Definitely got as much laughing out of me as the Jack Thompson episode.

"And every body else... was a zombie."

Hehe, awesome.

Loved it, The Baby killer part was a bit funny and made me chuckle but Voice Man was almost better than Jack thompson: The Movie. I loved the end joke.

"Rated S for sexellent"


"And everyone is a zombie" has to be the best line from any De Rez in my opinion.

I dunno, I am still waiting for Killsplosion the reckoning. I mean how many games get rated A for awesomegasmic.

Actually, I wouldn't mind playing Voice Man.

Uwe Boll has already bought the rights to Baby Killer...

Another great job from the dudes at De Rez. The Baby Killer gig was kinda forced, but Voice Man was kickass. Keep on the good work!

Sexcellent XD
I love the zombie's face when befor he get's punched, lukes like a perverted retard.XD

oh my god,i was crying by the time i heard"and everybody else was a ZOMBIEEE..."

i'm waiting for voice man.

"and there's a lot of women in the world... apparently."
This episode made up for the disappointing one last fortnight. I was lmao all the way through.
After the last two episodes though, I was expecting you to say "People like assassin games but they don't like... Assassin's Creed!"

Sexellent - My new favourite word. That word alone qualifies this offering as genius.

I'm Jonesing for both games already, when are they due for release?

Best episode yet :D

Great work guys


Baby Killer "I need some Heroin"
Voice Man "What happend to my voice??? Im gonna kill somebody!"

Keep up the good work, thats some funny shit there.

I will now use the word Sexellent to discribe everything, good or bad.

Oh God...

I really lol'd hard on this one, the shamelessness of developing a game about killing babies and the way he seems so proud about it...

"I need some heroin..."

Now you've made my day de-rez !

I also agree Voice Man seems a killer concept, I want that !

Awesome as usual Lads. Keep it up.

What the hell guys? Yahtzee is making those "trilby" - and yet we have no VOICE MAN (interactive movie) available?!

I'll donate if I have to (using paypal that is >_> )

Nice one guys, I laughed my ass off when Chris said that players were gonna kill babies (I have a sick sense of humour, sue me!)
Keep em' coming!

Excellent work in this one ;) Loved it!

Voice Man made me laugh like crazy.
And the sexcellent was the icing =]

haha, "give me, yo babay" this was great



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