163: Just Your Average Gaming God

Just Your Average Gaming God

"As you enter the understated Hunt Valley, MD, studio that houses Firaxis Games, it feels like any other office. Only after you pass the front desk and see the display case overflowing with 30 or so gaming achievement awards does it really hit home: This is one of the pillars of the gaming world.

"The casual feel of the studio mirrors the man responsible for its existence, Director of Creative Development and co-founder Sid Meier. Despite the legendary game designer status and a cult following to every game that bears his name, the man is as down to earth as it gets."

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Holy crap you got to meet Sid Meier? Is he really a "real" person, like the article says, or is he a collection of features added by the player to create an efficient and profitable SimGameDesigner?

Better yet, did he seem like the old scary Monty Burns-esque ruler of a small planet, or grandfatherly sort-of-paying-attention kinda guy? The concept that something like "guilds" were only invented 4 or 5 years ago, for instance, sorta makes me think the latter.

Sid Meier:
I won't name any names, but I think there are certainly some personalities in the game industry that have traded on their eccentricity to get attention.

*COUGH* Richard Garriott *COUGH COUGH*

Meiers is definatly one of those fabled 'people I want to eat lunch with'

The important question is did the author get to actually MEET id, or did he just do a phone/email interview with him?

I'd love to meet the guy. Also, the man responsible for my many frustrating and fun hours in Return to Zork.

I admire Sid for what he's done to the gaming industry. I just think it's a pitty that this interview was too 1-dimensional and very bland.
But still, it's Sid Meier.
I've been playing his games since Pirates came out in '87.

Sid Meier has had an amazing career in strategy games, but part of me wants him to try just one project where he does something completely unexpected. Sid Meier's Doom 4?

i wish i was a gaming god...

Meiers is definatly one of those fabled 'people I want to eat lunch with'

He if was smart he could sell people the ability to have lunch with him for a ton a money.

I would just like to say how I love the cover photo does not include a Wii mote.
Thank you.


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