de-rez: F*** Microsoft!

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de-rez: F*** Microsoft!

Chris Slack takes a personal moment with us to talk about the Wii and XBOX 360.


Great as usual, love the bill gates impression.

Ok... could have been better, much better. It was below par.

right on mate

It's okay, but Bill Gates jokes haven't been funny for YEARS. Especially since, you know, he's basically not in charge of anything at Microsoft anymore and pretty much does fulltime charity work.

Wilson!!! The hamsters had babies this time...

It was good, but only good I'm afraid. Best laugh was at the "It would be gay", which I know I shouldn't be laughing at.

Yeh, wasn't to bad, impressive that you did absolutly everything yourself tbh.

The gay joke was the peak. Added humor to the fact that Microsoft is a pile of metaphorical gay on the big steel fence that is the modern gaming world.

Keep it up!

Not bad, not my favorite episode in the series, but it made me chuckle.

that wasn't good at all...shame on you only aughed(wasnt a proper laugh hench the missin l)once and that was probly coz of the kush im smoking...come on i know your good i've seen your other vids...let this be a one off Slacky boy

is it just me? or have these guys started to slip sence the brilliance of thier Jack Thompson Video?

I think Chris just needs more focus to what he's doing. Both the Microsoft Attack and the Perfume ad could have been full length episodes, but they seemed rushed together.

The reason the Jack Thompson (and the Voice Man) episode worked so well was they had solid form, well timed jokes and a good punchline.

I'd humbly suggest a little more brainstorming before you jump behind the camera, get everything out of the joke that you can.

For instance, in the Perfume Ad, where he thrusts his arm at the audience, you can see his armpit, so... exaggerate it by having a huge ball of hair there.

Best vid in a while, funny throughout, although the fatality+1 scene left a little to be desired.

Me and my friends try to do what you do chris...


however, mr. slack, you are very good at it. in fact your so good, that in our "office" we have a picture of you striking a pose. Dont ask how we got it. We just did.

Continue the good work... rolemodel.

"Staring Chris Slack"? Oh noes!

Good episode, though the fatality+1 thing was a good spoof, it dragged on just a bit too long. The rest is, as with everything you guys make lately, pretty damn good.

Good, but I still enjoyed last weeks moar. Still, we all love you Mr.Slack!

(sigh) Really? How can Escapist put some of the highest quality online vids I've ever seen on the internet next to such weak minded drek. This was, at best, a really really pathetic youtube video. Perhaps the Escapist should try broadening it's horizens or De-rez should try writing a funny joke

Well that was weak. I was expecting something to be actually said.

might not be the best but that was actually the cleverest de-rez yet!

I don't know. Maybe I just don't get the whole de-rez thing. This is probably the 3rd or 4th vid of theirs I've seen and I didn't laugh or chuckle at any of them.

The whole black and white sequence, "Xbox Fit", was just lame. Then the credits rolled and I was without laughter.

it was pretty good :D
wasnt your best, but still good!

This was pretty good, for what it was. It could have been longer, though, with a bit more substance.


I lol'ed.

The "It would be gay" joke was great, but the rest of the episode felt rushed indeed.

Not a funny episode, but it was entertaining.
I thought that the camera work, narration and editing were good.

"Yes it would be gay, but we at Microsoft are not homophobic"

If I weren't in the office I would have lol'd so hard.

I also enjoyed ads, overall this video is really great, way better than the guide to cool, and less phoned it than moments in Yahtzee's biggest fan.

I rate it ex aequo with the previous episode.

What the hell dude.

You had Microsofts endless list of screw ups to tear into, and you made one gay joke??

But what a great joke! If your audience is a about 5 years old.

are u guys british

are u guys british

Irish actually

The last few were gold, but this one was sort of a let-down. The cuts to all of the ads and the interview didn't establish a central character, so it felt like randomness just for the sake of it. The gay joke and the "Fuck Microsoft" definitely got a laugh, though.

Once again it started out a 4/5 then slowly declined to a 2.5/5. If he would just focus on one theme whether it was making fun of MS or Pro Gamers then it would have been great.

please add some jokes next time. every chanche I give de rez winds up with me wishing to have those 4 minutes back.

It wasn't really funny, but that's not why I love de-rez. ZP & Unforgotten Realms are under so much pressure to be funny that they're always the same, and therefore lose their entertainmenting-ness. I'm always interested to see what Chris is gonna do next because, even if it ain't hilarious, it's always amusing on some level.

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