Discord and Rhyme: Taking My Self-Control

Discord and Rhyme: Taking My Self-Control

Once the feeling of getting kicked in the nethers wears off, Too Human is a pretty good time, says Matt Turano.

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I've been enjoying this game quite a bit since I got it a week ago. Even though it loves to make me feel good about myself for about 10-20 minutes than kick me in the face with a cheap death (I've got about a hundred other things to rant about in this game) I have always felt compelled to reach level cap (level 42 Bio-Engineer :D).

Heres hoping for 4-player co-op in the in Two Human. ;)

for me it was sadly a case of i dont like dying over and over again. and when i got 5 gs for dying 100 times i felt like i was part of a bad joke being played by the developers on me. but when the game did work in short spats i was completly in luv with the it. however overall i felt the game was released in a unfinished state due to the non ending (i know its going to be a triliogy but thats no excuse)the length of the game (an RTRPG with 4 levels come on!) and i cant see exactly what took 4 years to have finished it plus the whole cant avoid dying no matter what or how good you are oh and the giant robot boss on the third stage whos arms cant be hit with a sword. but i still agree with Matt's opinion that you are your own best judge when it comes to what games you will enjoy and his article was a good read too!

Captin Planet:
plus the whole cant avoid dying no matter what or how good you are

Try playing as a defender; I recently made it through the campaign with seven deaths, as opposed to about a hundred with the berserker and seventy with the bio-engineer. Also beat Hel without seeing the Valkyrie once, which surprised me. It was almost too easy.

I sure wish I could stop playing this damn game. Wonder if there's a twelve-step program for it...

Thanx i will give that a try. I think this game would have been better as a 4 player co-op. like left 4 dead sounds oresum. if u wanna do the co-op with me sum time hit me up. my gamertag is on my profile page but from the sounds of it u will be quite a few levels above me?

I know about game addiction though i played DMC 4 for two months solid everyday for around 8 hours a day and also managed time in-between to get married and go to work! i couldn't stop playing the bloddy palace mode it was my heroine for a while there!

now Im off to shoot pixels :)

oh and i played as a champion


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