Review: Order Up!

Review: Order Up!

Order Up! puts you in the clogs and toque of an up-and-coming chef. Rats trained in the art of French cuisine not included.

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WHenever a resturant game is released; it makes me wish I had a copy of Pizza the Action. I cant find that game anywhere (even working torrents) & it beats every other hands down :-( It even came in a Pizza box!!!

That actualy sounds like one of the best family games on the Wii. One concern would be if it is to fast paced for to old/young people.

It's definitely a good, well-rounded game for the family. The default difficulty is not terribly hard, but hard mode is a challenge. Players can go at their own pace, working at one dish at a time, if that's how they choose to go about it. I dig chaos and found it wasn't too difficult to work on 2-3 dishes simultaneously. I think younger gamers and older folks would pick this up easily after a little practice to get the hang of it. The learning and difficulty curve is gradual.


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