Stolen Pixels #16: Azeroth Travelogue, Part 3

Stolen Pixels #16: Azeroth Travelogue, Part 3

Stolen Pixels wraps up its Azeroth Travelogue by spending some time admiring nature and dispelling stereotypes about dwarves. Or not.


Perhaps this weekend I shall discover the delights (or horrors) of WoW for the first time, I blame you Shamus, wether it was your intention or not! :-D

So, on to a new game next week? Hmmmm..... Spore is coming out soon, you gonna cover that?

When are you going to get back to the funny stuff? These WoW ones are quite boring =/

Buy me an ale an' I'll tell ye.

This was hilarious. I spit out my drink at the hunter one.

"I capture and enslave animals. To murder other animals."

Shamus is epic win.

Shamus Young:
Buy me an ale an' I'll tell ye.

Hehe :D

Strangely enough, my anti-extinction meetings are also on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We just review pool safety rules, however. And by we, I mean me.

Great. I loved the oversexed 'anti-extinction' meetings held by the Bloodelves.

I've never played WoW. Does water restore MP or something?

Yes. Water restores MP.



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