PAX 2008: Mirror's Edge Hands-On

PAX 2008: Mirror's Edge Hands-On

John Funk steps into the shoes of main character Faith for a hands-on look at EA's first-person parkour adventure game, Mirror's Edge.


Hmmmm.... I share your concerns, sounds like a good concept but how's well is it going to hold up, stretched over a full game? Still, good to hear that the actual gameplay is solid, if potentially repetitive.

I'm really looking forward to this game. I remember when they announced it about a year ago (I don't even think that they had called it Mirror's Edge then, but I'm not sure) and the thought of a first-person game that wasn't a shooter sounded amazing. I just hope that it holds up to the expectations that's I'm setting for it.

Yeah, the latest video I saw made me feel a little quesy about the combat but we'll see.

I'm right with you - this is one game that I would really want to be executed well.

Of course, good execution is probably the hardest and most crucial aspect of making a game.

Another major way this game could suck: if the story doesn't work. On the one hand, they could be too preachy and heavy-handed, but on the other hand they could go too easy on it and not really say anything about living under constant surveillance.

(fingers crossed)

I am excited about this game and I will be getting it but you are correct. It does seem like there is a lot that can go wrong.

For example, the gameplay could be so repetitive that you get bored within the first few hours.

It's good to see Developers trying new things though.


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