Zero Punctuation: Eve Online

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Eve Online

This week, Yahtzee hits the final frontier in search of a truly different MMO. Instead, he finds Eve.

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Anybody else having trouble with the video??

Edit: Never mind - damn my crappy internet...

never played before but stil found review fun to watch

Eve rules and your wrong. Great review as always ;)

meh.. i seen funnier

lol, i sorta felt the same about all the skills and the interface when i tried it.

Slow internet... Now I wait...

Another funny review. Keep up the good work :D

Wasn't your greatest, but funny none-the-less



Just goes to show he always tell is like it is.

An unexpected choice of game, but it is a very good one.

As biased as this review might be knowing Yahtzee isn't fond of MMOs, I think he is onto something. I sat with the same feelings after having played EVE, but I wouldn't go as far on the criticism as Yahtzee did. The game does have its pros but certainly also its cons.

Pretty much sums up what I think of MMO's. I don't see the point in them, but there you go, it appears a lot of people do.

Also, if we are the choir, shouldn't we be singing? Maybe someone should come up with lyrics for the themetune.

Personally, I'd think it'd be an honor to have porn insprised by me.

Hm, Yahtzee making an effort to find a new and inventive MMO? Is it raining custard? Have my legs suddenly turned into Belgian tourists?

Good God, it's for real.

Oh, wait, he's ripping the shit out of it. Thank goodness, I'll spit out those Asprin and keep typing.

Never even heard of EVE until today (no I didn't look at the ads, what do you take me for, someone with money?), and after today, well, I won't go near it without a flamethrower and a spray gun full of Holy Water. Never being much of an MMO fan myself, you pretty succinctly pointed out eveything that needed to be said:

Tries to be WoW.

Fails miserably.

Still murders your social life with a pickaxe.

Good man. Funny, angry and laced with bile. Not unlike my porn collection.

And here was me actually thinking EVE was different. Silly me. It seems basically to have got caught up in minutiae that even a D&D player wouldn't care about. Still, Yahtzee makes it sound much funnier than that.

I have a friend who has been trying to talk me into the Eve-Online experience. I've done the WOW thing and, granted, I love space stuff, but what bothered me is that you can't get out of your ship and explore. Basically, what he described to me was the same thing Yahtzee described. You just shoot at other ships and that's basically it. Of course, isn't that what all MMORPGS are? Just hack and slash games with some missions thrown in that include hacking and slashing?

I know tangential jokes were a highlight of the early ZPs but I find myself regularly unamused recently.

Personally, I'd think it'd be an honor to have porn insprised by me.

My sentiments exactly.

Not joining a player corp is like not shooting people in an fps. Heading out into the pvp area of space with a bunch of friends is fucking awesome

I agree with everything you said. *Goes and gets his EVE membership up and running again*


I agree with everything said in that review, i downloaded EVE because it is advertised here, I played it for about 20 minutes and thought, 'what the hell is the point in this?'. Granted, I have never been a fan of MMOs but this one is beyond boring

Always funny, but unfortunatly I dont agree with you this time old boy, I have been a player of eve for quite some time, and you did touch breifly on somethingin the review when you stated that it is a game that doesnt want to be played, you actually hit the nail on the head, EVE is an MMO that does not want the casual everyday grinder who wants to play for 5 days straight and be the highest level in the game. Glad you at least tried it though. Oh and by the way all you "I want to get out of my ship whiners" its a SPACE mmo the point is to be in SPACE but there have been plenty of people complaining about this and ccp has decided to introduce walking in stations

jackalo moss:
How did you manage to play that game long enough to review it? I managed to just about play 1 minute of it after i created my character before i switched my computer off.

Because he gets payed to play games, whether they're crappy or not!

Aww I actually like this game, but everything you said is completely true though. Eve is the type of game that you just sorta have running for awhile and then occasionally go and kick something's ass.

I just watched it and i've never played that EVE game. but i'll check it out

i think all of your reviews are awesome. but when are you gonna review killer7!?! it is a fuckin awesome the name of harmon

Heheh, nice one - I tried Eve trial and got no-where - thanks for proving me right ;)

I had a similar experience with EVE.

"Boring" sums it up perfectly.

Now that I think of it, the first comment about how having maps makes everything boring is really quite accurate. One of the main reasons I think fiction about uncharted islands does so well is that we like the idea of having something on Earth that's still a mystery, some place we have to explore, where we don't know what's coming.

Just a thought.

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