Stolen Pixels #18: Diving Bored

Stolen Pixels #18: Diving Bored

Killing people all day can get, you know, depressing. Good thing Assassin's Creed's Altair has a few hobbies to keep his spirits up.


"Hey! The roof diver! Man, I love your work!" Hahaha. Hilarious!

I love the way everyone waits around until your done having your fun round the city, you'd think after the first few killings as soon as your intended target hears word of the "roof diver" he'd be off

Or maybe they all hold their cities in such regard they think youll never get bored of messing around.

Altair is enthusiastically energetic, yet meandering and distracted. He's like the Calvin & Hobbes of killers.

This sold it for me right there, bravo.

He's really just playing Calvin Ball with European rules.

holy crap shamus this was incredible. well written humerous and insightful. i loved this game just as much as you describe it although to be honest i enjoy the assasinations the most, cux i like planning my path to the target, sneaking up behind him and shoving my knife in betweeen his vertebrae/throat

Best one yet Shamus, excellent work!

Gave me laugh as usual, thanks!

That seemed like a review of the game... a great one at that.


Great work, as usual.

"Hey! The roof diver! Man, I love your work!" Hahaha. Hilarious!

I agree ^^

Would the Hitman games be considered games about assasination? I mean, sure, you CAN probably kill a dozen people each level and get away with it, but you're not really supposed to kill anyone but your target : /

Making a game about assasination where the greater part of the time is spent assasinating would be... weird...

He's really just playing Calvin Ball with European rules.

That game had rules?

The first rule of Assassin's Creed is to climb everything in Assassin's Creed.
I once climbed one of those arches in front of Masyaf... 40 times in a row.

FIRST! from me here that is ;-)

It's taken me a while to follow you here from "Twenty Sided Tales" Shamus but well worth it. I had to laugh at your comments on Altair, I thought I was the only one thinking that :-)

"Assassin! Stop him! ...

... ahh, we lost him. Just that group of priests, with that one priest that always has all the bloody knives and swords. Dang. The assassin got away again."


I think my favorite part of the "chase" was when the guards got so disheartened chasing me around rooftops that when they lost me they jumped to their deaths*. Which brought more guards to investigate the death below, leading to more rooftop chasing, which led to more guard suicides, which...

...I think I had half the city chasing me at one point :-D

* guards giving up the chase when I hid (don't look in the roof garden, nothing in here, lol, shhhh) on high roofs without ladders would often decided the quickest way back down was to jump off the nearest edge... [splat]

I take it back this one is my favourite.


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