PAX 2008: Top Five Surprises (In a Good Way)

PAX 2008: Top Five Surprises (In a Good Way)

Sure, StarCraft 2 was great, but it's StarCraft. I expected that. These five games came out of nowhere (well, most of them) and ended up being some very pleasant surprises. Some had some fantastic ideas, some were just charming, some were just plain neat ... or any combination thereof.

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My anticipation for Little Big Planet is reaching fever pitch, and the sooner I have it in my hands the better. October's gonna be a good month for gaming...

And I need to check out Rise of the Argonauts. Never really been that interested, mainly because I'm a graphics whore and it always seemed subpar, but maybe I should chick it out and see if it's worth my time.

Pre-ordered my Mines of Moria :D

Mines of Moria was all that and more.
Oh, and they definitely have a few Dwarves. Maybe an Elf as well.


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