de-rez: Behind the Game: Valve

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Behind the Game: Valve

Chris Slack takes us behind the scenes at Valve, for a glimpse into how they make their games great.


This episode wasn't funny =S

I have to agree with you. Where's the guy that played Goro on the old De-Rez's? He was the highlight of every episode he was in imo. They've kinda gone downhill with just Chris Slack playing all the parts

Bah...I'm still laughing at that. Not 'funny' funny, but still frickin' hilarious.

I think the thing is that Chris's humour is a lot darker than people are used to.

Mine is taking ages to load. All the escapist videos used to load in a second but now I have to wait at least 10 minutes to watch them. Anyone else have this problem?

This episode is funny, but in a much drier way than usual.
Therefore not all viewers will be able to appreciate it.
I enjoyed it!

"lets get Stephen Hawking in here" "it should look like that" that was awesome

Edit: "I guess that's why doom 3 was shit" so true :)

I liked it. The whole drier, darker humour appeals to me I'm afraid.

I think that this was OK, just building up to insult two shitty games.

De-rez is almost as good as Zero Punctuation.

I feel bad for laughing at the Stephen Hawking joke.

Hah, love it. "Guess that's why Doom 3 was shit!"

I like the way he came up with portal, it's inspiring.

I feel bad for laughing at the Stephen Hawking joke.

He'll get his own back tomorrow!

Haha, the Steven Hawking part was funny. The previous episode (F*** Microsoft) was the funniest though.

I love it, i'm sure I saw Gabe at a swimming pool thing in florida when I was on holiday

So dark, so funny.

That was a pretty good episode. Not the best, but the dry humor was appreciated. I was just a bit thrown by the length! After the loading bar showed ten minuets, I though I was in for a sweet 6 min episode. The abrupt ending caught me out a bit.

Haha Great! I loved the scene about Gabe breaking things including men's spirits. Not a metaphor.

The 'Walking Through Doors' sketch made me chuckle, I must say.

I've watched this video honestly 10 times in a row and i still find it hilarious!

I liked this one, only I'm wondering where all Chris's co-stars have gone, they havent had "Artistic Differences" have they?

-Steven Hawking "He was fine, obviously. but... is that really the way to design a physics engine?"

haha i really liked this episode.
had its good moments
but started slowly xD

Can't view the video. How annoying.

Hi everyone Chris Slack here, happy to see your enjoying the video and thanks for the kind comments, just wanted to answer the question about where all the co stars have gone lately, no there were no "artistic differences" just a simply case of people moving on to uni or concentrating on their own projects. perhaps they will reappear some time in the future, but who can tell.

Good episode. I like the dark humor. I think that a lot of the dissent (not all, obviously, but a good deal of it) is because people are used to ZP's wacky humor and bluntness (in general, and that isn't a bad thing, I love ZP myself) aren't the same audience that would appreciate the dark humor. I happen to love both, so I have good comedy from both sides of the humor scale.

Chris, you are one of my favorite directors. Your sense of humor, and ability to convey it is amazing. You'll go far mate.

Don't tell Jesse I said that.

A bit darker than I usually preffer, but I guess that was funny :P

Also, what's up with the 10 minute ads??? LOL!

A bit darker than I usually preffer, but I guess that was funny :P

Also, what's up with the 10 minute ads??? LOL!

Yes, darker and more subtle than usually. No hammering in of the jokes as some people have complained about. I liked it a lot. Very spooky feeling all around the video, especially in the start when they speak of his house. Reminded me of the Max Payne part in NEWS. More stuff like this, pretty please?

And that ad was pretty good, I am interested about Warhammer now...

Using S.Hawking as a ragdoll was inspired!

This and the Microsoft one are the best in a long time - good to see the momentum picking up again, keep up the good work!

I love the door joke XD. Always carrys a door around him wanting doorways to open for him XD. And it's probally true why duke nukem forever is taking forever and doom 3 was crap XD.

Good work chirs keep them coming XD

I liked it :)

I didn't find it laugh-out-loud funny, but I prefer this darker, less obvious style. Good stuff, Slack and co.

Nice, subtly wry humour. A bit daring, lampooning a videogame "good-guy" designer and an equally good game, but the overall result was excellent. Love the punchloine at the end, too. Well played, well made.

I like the fact that De-rez has 2 pages of replies while Ben Croshaw's Zero Punctuation has 30.

Anyways, I hate the escapist magazine for not supporting Firefox 3.0 for the videos, I had to use the old IE 6 to view the videos. Shame on them.

3/5 for me it could have longer, but he's trying a different type of humor that wasn't random to me.

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