Zero Punctuation: Too Human

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Too Human

This week, Zero Punctuation dies and is resurrected - over and over and over - in Too Human.

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Frist, I think! So that's how it feels? ;)

Have to say I'm feeling a bit blue, now that I know that Too Human comes from the team that brought us Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. :/ Oh well, better luck next time, right?

People still use IE?
And thank you sir, may I have another?

Dang technical problems. I'll come back later.

ATTENTION: We're currently experiencing technical issues that may cause this video to be unplayable using the Internet Explorer browser. If you are unable to view this video, please try viewing it using an alternate browser, such as Firefox, which you can download for free.

We are currently working on the problem and hope to have it dolves real soon-like. Sorry for the inconvenience, folks.

Seems to be a tad buggered

Edit: oops, is playing after all, just took quite a while to load in FF for some reason.

Edit2: Ok I take that back, it is buggered in FF after all.

Played the demo of this when it first came out; Thought it was pretty average. :/

Very glad my viewing was unaffected by these tehcnical problems. Great review yahtzee.

This is one big ploy to spread the good word of Firefox, y/n? :D


That was amazing! Loved how you said it was a game you love to review cause it generally just sucks :)

Good job! :D

I'm using FireFox and its not working...

EDIT: ah, after letting it sit still for about 5mins its started to work.

EDIT AGAIN: Ah, nope, it just plays about 10secs then ends despite showning as fully loaded.

Seriously the old player was so much faster

Also not working in Opera. :(

Also who expected ZP to like a Dungeon crawler RPG?

Why do I have an odd feeling that no-one who's posted has actually watched the video?
[I started writing this as the video started, so don't complain]

Anyway, good review as always, seems to prove that you are a lot funnier when you're being mean.

Nice Baldur's Gate joke, the Hammer was pretty damn funny as well.

I can't help but wonder why you didn't get forced into doing Spore.

Firefox for the win.. And on to the video!

Glad to see you took a crap on this game.. God what a disappointment this was. Well.. Thats the wrong word, I wasn't even looking forward to this at all, so no hype issues here. This game is just flat out terrible.. Certainly one of my favs, didn't top of Oblivion review though. :D

lovely jubbly

I played the demo for about 47 seconds before putting the controller down and declaring the game a broken mess

I am glad all reviews agree

and I am glad as always that yahtzee is a funny bugger when trashing a game

Finally, I've been waiting for this one.

Also, nice review, I only played the demo but pretty much everything about it you verbally shat on is correct. What a horrible, horrible game by a usually good company

This is one big ploy to spread the good word of Firefox, y/n? :D


Sounds like a solid plan to me! :D

Great review, stroll on next wednesday!

EDIT: Agrees with post below re: intro music. It's loud and rebellious, we get it. I preferred the topical choices.

I've watched it.

Same rubbishy intro/outro that's still no good.

Excellent review. Very bad pun.

And I was really hoping "Too Human" was gonna be a good thing :(

What's with the ads! Why! Why!!!

Baldur's Gait. What a horrible pun. Horrible like the ones where everyone moans then giggles once. SO it is a bit funny, I suppose..

You should bring back the musical intros, they were good!

Was I the only one that noticed that the Warhammer commercials were longer than the video itself? :S

And I haven't played the game myself, and now I won't. Thank you, Yahtzee.

Isn't working for me with firefox. Was the old player really so disasterously bad that this is considered an improvement? Because the old one never gave me any trouble.

Brilliant! I gave up on a Baldur's Gate reference after 3 minutes and then got slapped in the face with it.

Works fine for me.

Anyway, here we go.

Too Human actually looked inviting to me - not inviting enough to actually go out and buy it, oh no, but one of those games I could casually discuss with my 'games are art' friends.

Who don't exist.

But needless to say - when a game tries to channel the Diablo-like style of lots of baddies and one bloke to murder them all, failing to make the combat fluid and fun is not unlike building a bumper car ride alongside a chasm where everyone is encouraged to ram their larger, more powerful cars into your puny little funbox until you plummet the obligatry 1,000 feet and die.

But aside from the review itself - this was top form - Baldur's Gait, that sly Joker reference, the Hammer of Wank.

Pure gold. Very nicely done.


Same rubbishy intro/outro that's still no good.

I just imagine the AVGN theme in my head instead

Danny Ocean:
What's with the ads! Why! Why!!!

Because they don't want to have to trust that you would give them money out of the kindness of your heart.

Danny Ocean:
Baldur's Gait. What a horrible pun. Horrible like the ones where everyone moans then giggles once. SO it is a bit funny, I suppose..

I thought that was the high point this round. .. aside from the fact that Drunken Gods was a better explanation for the state of the universe.

So what is next?

Mercenaries 2?
World in Conflict?
Frontlines: Fuels of War?

So what is next?

Mercenaries 2?
World in Conflict?
Frontlines: Fuels of War?

I'm gonna guess Spore. It's the biggest of those games and would generate the most interest

I would bet on Spore, if it had a simultaneous release.

I found it very ironic and funny that EA games
the one that yahtzee always criticizes has this HUGE MASSIVE FIVE MINUTE trailer at the end of his video, and a little blurb before it as well.
Also the escapist is skinned up for eve...
(or either some really big adds)
just a little too perfect in the irony department for me

Fails with Firefox for me too. Irksome.

Great video, back on form with this one, very funny

Can I just ask, does anyone even watch the trailers at the end?

advert for firefox! But really, I haven't seen it so I'll wait for a patch or whatever the term is.

Nice review, I found the Devil May Cry reference quite funny for some reason. I'm surprised he used Dante as the example instead of Nero, though. But then again, Nero's gun probably uses ammunition even weaker than peas.

EDIT: Also, I played the demo and the death animation is very annoying and the fact that there are no consequences for death is pretty stupid.

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