Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates

Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was a bit of a chore on the GameCube, but wisely leaves the bucket behind for its trip to the DS.

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This is the most favorable review I've read about this game in a while. Glad you could look past the shortcomings to give this game a fresh/balanced look! I might pick a copy up now.

I bought the game and I'd have to agree with what was said in the review. Though I haven't played the GC version (why would I? o.o). I think I'll buy my BF a copy xD

Honestly, the GC version is as good as you'd imagine it to be. The flak it got for being a good game that required people to BYO peripherals was blown a little out of proportion.

Nice review, I thought it was a pretty short game IMO, still well worth the £10 from Amazon though. Got a couple of friends the game for x-mas too for some multi-player fun :D

You're right about the children's voices at points..........I nearly let go of the DS in pain!


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