Zero Punctuation: Spore

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This week Zero Punctuation reviews Spore.

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Oh no, not again....

You'r material is getting a little stale, old chap. Still funny, but not so much the 'paralysed-with-laughter' funny.

Wonderful, Hillarious as ever. Especially the long drawn out NOOOOO!!

Still, i tried the Sims and while addictive the formula got tired pretty damm fast. I quickly left it behind and was quite pleased. So I did not care for Spore at all.


Lets see how this goes.

I haven't played spore but all the negative views from everyone is making sure I never get it. The repetitive space colonising sounds boring

the longer the Nooo got the harder I laughed..

Awesome as always Yahtzee. Keep it up.



Excellent! I had a bet on that it would be Spore this week, I win!

I see wank...lots of it, heading towards this thread like a runaway bus...

Other than that, I really enjoyed the review.

Having bought, played through, got mad at and finally sold Spore in all but a few days, well, what can I say?

For a start - this review felt a bit too much like a bashing of Spore for not being like the Sims rather an actual bashing of Spore for the many genuine faults it has in any case. Granted, it touched on many of the things that were bad, but didn't go out of the way to detial just how craptacular they were and why they should be hated as such.

Nevertheless, it was pretty funny, the second 'Nooooo...' was a bit off, but hey, who are we to complain?

The Imp Boy buildings and spaceships were also awesome.

Was pretty funny although i can't help but think that you ran out of ideas when you went on for ages with NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... still funny though
May drop that into conversations more often, see how many slaps i get

I'll just stick with my Creature Creator.

It was good to know he didn0t talk about the DRM shit.

But I want the 15 seconds lost on that long answers

It wasn't a game, i agree, its more of... something to do for maybe a day, if you stretch it out as much as possible.
And good. makes me laugh. ^^

Awesome, Spore was such a disappointment for me. When I finished it, I screamed out Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooootoo.

Funny as always but I disagree that playing as a herbivore is harder, especially in the tribal phase when taking over tribes is ridiculously easy. Come to think of it I've found the game fairly easy generally and I normally suck at games.
Oh well I'm of to beat up the Grox some more

You didn't hate on it anywhere near as much as it deserved. The Cell stage ripping flOw deserved more than a passing graphic. All in all a completely woeful game that the word game is hilariously over-adequate to describe.

The longer the Nooo got, the more bored I became.

Seriously Yahtzee, did you even try?

Yay one of the first 20 to watch.

Yh I didn't like the long no.

It wasn't as good as usual I don't think

was obviously gonna be spore

lol first one i anges ive actually found really really funny

It is repetitive, but as I can have a whole race, and so whole planets, of Batman . . . win?
Sims was repetitive, so while Yahtzee is still on target for what is wrong with the game (and don't get me wrong, he could have cut and paste the "shallow" image form Bioshock into this one as well), he might want to leave predicting future success to Miss Cleo.

This was the assessment that I'd made about the game months ago.

Your reviews seem to be padded with a lot of "I don't have much to say, so I'm going to try to be funny" lately. The long "Nooooo" in this one and the absolute lack of content in the Too Human review are really detracting. Take a vacation if your writing quality is going to continue to float in the toilet.

An amusing enough review, though I did enjoy Spore up to a point. The Space Stage was totally lost on me really because it was far too open and I just got spammed with declarations of war and requests for help.

There must have been at least 15 seconds of "noooooooo" in there.

Funny, not funny, funny, not funny, funny, not funny, comic genius...

it didn't seem as good as some of your other stuff but still good, but i think Yahtzee's e-mail is going to get a hammering seeing as spore has amassed quite a big fan base before it came out. but i guess I'm going to have to play the game before i see if all the hype was worth it, i had fun on the creature curator for a night or two but this review made me think twice before buying the game.

Do we hate Spore?


Hahaha pretty good but was the 'nooooooooooooooooooooooo' just time filler?

the prolem and best part of spore is the cration element. When you make the buildings are cars or creatures you have a fun time doing it, but when it becomes time to implement them its a whole lot less fun.

Just stick to the crate part and Spore is a fun time killer, actually play the game and you'll find that there dumbed down repetative versions of several other games

I was banned for 8 days when I got the Spore Creature Creator for making a penis shaped creature and uploading it to the Sporepedia.

I called it Obligatory Cock Joke but that didn't seem to help.

Was that a good review?


I'd like to hear Yahtzee wax on about some of the games he's postering as inspiration for the spore minigames.

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