Review: Castle Crashers

Review: Castle Crashers

Grab some friends and limber up your thumbs - it's time for multiplayer button-mashing fun, Castle Crashers style.

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yay, a castle crashers review!

first one ive read, and i thought it was great, u explained the game much better than i ever could to my mates ;)

i believe, atm, castle crashers is the best game, not just arcade game, not just 360 game, but ANY game. Its easily worth the $15 or £12 it cost over here (especially if u can buy it together with friends :D)

This review fails to mention on of CCs best aspects, THE MUSIC!!

I only played the demo at a mates, but its the perfect example of taking a retro game and making it work for the masses.

I've seen stuff like Double Dragon on Xbox Live download, and I just think 'why not remake it to look nice before releasing it, or even release the original and an updated version.'

For me, Castle crashers is what today's Golden Axe SHOULD be.

i agree with you both, the music on the game is awesum and everyone in my house is constantly singing it xD

and i think you hit the nail on the head there, this is what the new golden axe should be like, but at least we have this to make up for it :D

Absolutely this game was worth every penny. Between the music and the humor, like the bear in the woods!

Hmm, might convince my mate to get this on his 360...

good review, fantastic game.


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