This Week in Gaming History

This Week in Gaming History

It's time to crack open the time capsule and take a look at this week in gaming history.

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Ah, Myst. Now there was a game that was serious about the player pulling the plot towards them instead of spoon feeding it. Makes Bioshock look like a cakewalk in terms of exploring the narrative. I don't think I really appreciated it until I had to play it again a few months ago and looked at it with fresh eyes.

I'm really enjoying these posts, thanks a ton!

I remember when mist came out it was all anyone could talk about. But I was a PC guy and only used Mac at school. In fact it was my band director that introduced me to Myst, she played it day in and day out at school.

It's amazing to think that a game like Myst - with very little action and gameplay consisting mostly of walking - could be the huge success it was. Now the sales wouldn't be enough to justify making a similar game.

I mean, Myst was one of the games that ushered in the CD era of game. A QuickTime adventure/puzzle game! How times have changed...

Myst V did well enough a couple years back I think.
Myst IV did enough to warrant V to be made a couple of years before it in any case.

I've got every one of them (including Uru and expansion), runnable versions for XP all, even if I only ever completed two of them without needing a guide I still cherish this series and its uncompromising vision. That reminds me I still need to lay my hands on a copy of the third book.

There's a movie in the works based on the book of Ti'ana right here. It's an unorthodox project though, completely fueled by fan-power.

I wasn't really a part of the Myst crowd but man, that Ultima Online mention brought back memories. I keep forgetting I actually played that game, even if it was only for a month or two. I'm a more hardcore MMO player than I thought. I'll have to remember that the next time someone gives me shit for missing a heal or something:
"Step off bitch, I played UO!"
"Whoa man, sorry... didn't know you were a veteran".


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