Stolen Pixels #23: Awesome'd: Episode 2

Stolen Pixels #23: Awesome'd: Episode 2

In which Strong Bad comes out of the closet to dish the dirt with Sam and Max.


Whaaaa? Is the joke that modern Adventure Games are dirt museums or something?


I don't know why, but I burst into uncontrollable laughter at the Triple Entendres line.

Strange, Shamus.... but good strange. You got more of these for us?

You're doing a remarkable job channelling Strong Bad's line delivery and the humor of the Bros Chaps. As a longtime viewer of, I say: Well done!

Remember, it's a triple entendre; that means it REALLY comes with spicy salsa, not "spicy, *wink wink* salsa".
Weld one Shamus, weld one.

good job finding the deliveries and comedic qualities of both strongbad and sam and max. plus i think that you are doing a good job of branching out from comedic commentary. yay!

Yeah this is a little unorthodox, not "bad" but there doesn't seem to be a punchline in this, but it's still funny.

IMO - I think it's funny because I really feel like I'm looking at a crossover of SB and S&M (?!?!).

Sorry, it ain't doing it for me.

More WoW comics, Shamus!


It's like I'm really there!

hahaha perfect strong bad lines

Your hassle and work makes this funny comic all the funnier. Especially when you say there was a lot of it.

I had the voices of all three of them speaking the lines in my head and it sounded spot on.

Wait; Samus Aran and Optimus Prime could've also been in the closet? Literally? Because that would have been awesome.


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