Stolen Pixels #24: Awesome'd: Episode 3

Stolen Pixels #24: Awesome'd: Episode 3

You may never forgive Shamus Young for this particular episode of Stolen Pixels. Seriously.


I cannot stress just how much of a bad idea it would be, to involve Harry Potter in your next comic. ;-)

So what's next for Shamus Young? After tricking the internet into reading a very odd fan fiction, how will the world react? Find out next week, only at The Escapist. :-D

Gah, you got me!

Jolly good chaps.

... I feel dirty and used. How could you be so cruel?

I've said it before and I'll say it again: you write these characters better than Telltale. Get a job there, now! : P

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! curse you shamus and your foul deception. fanfiction!! my one weakness. and you got me too read it. you sir, are an evil man.


I need a long shower right now....

It's so wrong but it feels so right!

"I read fanfiction and I liked it!"

Sam and Max and Strong Bad AND Harry Potter? Mmmmmm.

. . .

I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

I could see this coming... good effort dude

SamxHarry would be H-O-T HOT.

And what a waste of time that was...

I fail to see the drama.

Well characterised!

Every video game, movie and literary character's biggest fear! Who will free them from the torment? Find out next time?

(Yeah, I'm writing this well after this whole story was written. I don't care, I'm amusing myself as well as being amused. Love the comics!)

Most hilarious ending line ever.


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