169: Carla


"The audience was still chanting, and hearing the name of one of the first songs he'd written resonate throughout the stadium put Will in a kind of nostalgic trance. Before long, he found himself loosely strumming a cover tune he'd learned before writing 'Carla.' It was an old favorite of his, with a simple but compelling hook - one of the most common and popular descending chord progressions imaginable. Cliché, but so infectious you didn't care."

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Great. I love it.

I am confused as to why I'm reading this in a gaming website though... Perhaps this story was fashioned from Rajas guitar hero days?

Impeccable taste and style in this article as always guys. Keep it up!

Great piece of short fiction. I do love the ficiton weeks on The Escapist, there really aren't enough of them!

Oops, I should have mentioned my forum handle in the pitch. My mistake. (I'm the author.)

Anyway, I'm really glad you guys liked it. Funny tidbit: since Painted On My Heart is a real song, the earliest the story could take place is 2018.

... This week's article line-up is awesome! Excellent short story. It may not be gaming-related, it was still excellent. Thank you.

I'm with phooks here; good story, just felt a little out of place thematically.

Nice story.

That was a great story. I loved it. I normally don't read these bits actually, but it was about Rock, so I thought, 'Why not?'
Although, I am a bit of a muppet. I didn't know that Psychotherapy were fictional, and I searched Wikipedia to try and find them! Ha ha.

Either way, great work on the story.

As expected, I really liked it, although the connection between it and a gaming theme is a little... er... vague? Regardless, it was still really good.

Being a big music fan (and an amateur lyrics writer/guitarist) it really got to me :)


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