Stolen Pixels #25: Awesome'd: Episode 4

Stolen Pixels #25: Awesome'd: Episode 4

With Strong Bad, Sam and Max in a room together, violence is not just inevitable, but eagerly anticipated.


awesome as always Shamus

Huh, he really did turn it into a fan fiction. How very odd. Still good though Shamus.

Very nice mate, keep it up.

Love it! thanks Shamus!

I still don't forgive you.


Wouldn't that be "awesome-doer"? ^^

Despite how funny that was I laughed even more at "I have no regrets".

Haha fantastic! Strong Bad is awesome!

I thought fan-fiction was marked by absurd romantic pairings and the introduction of thinly disguised author surrogate characters punctuated by huge amounts of fan-service. What I see here is dialogue and action that seems entirely plausible given the characters, even if the situation would require a rip in the time-space continuum.

Despite how funny that was I laughed even more at "I have no regrets".

Yeah that was the best for me too, that fact that he is so blatantly enjoying writing this just for himself.
I don't know how you've done it, but its working.

Sam would never shoot anyone. He would threaten to but not shoot.


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