Zero Punctuation: Mercenaries 2

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Zero Punctuation: Mercenaries 2

This week Zero Punctuation blows stuff up for money.


You're late.


Scones! Live in fear!

i love this game

You're late.

No, You're late. And this game does suck balls.

good good, asalways

Well, to be honest, the concept was great.. mindlessly blowing up stuff.. but gah, so buggy and so repetitive. :(

Ew... I thought you were going to do something cool like SW:TFU

Great video And yes, i would miss you if you were gone !!!

That was some funny stuff.

I tried playing the first game, but it was so mindless that I couldn't play it.

Bleh. The video was funny though.

You're late.

How very grateful of you.

As for the video, hillarous, alot better than the previous ones. Great work :)

(in the 15 minutes of panic sweat and horrible sense of impending doom that was before the video was finally uploaded)

(i do not wants to go through yahtzee withdrawal again D:)

Haven't played this one. Don't think I will, though.

Hilarious review as usual.

rofl this one was pretty funny. deserves a comment ^^

Ew... I thought you were going to do something cool like SW:TFU

Well thats crap as well enjoy the DLC which is out next week (3 weeks after the release date)

Awesome like usual, great job.

A great return to form, i could almost hear the bile coming out of your mouth

Great review, I laughed at a couple of gags and it brought a smile to my face which is rare.

Keep up the good work.

I came within a nager's breadth of buying Mercs 2 a short while ago, and many of the reasons as to why I didn't buy it were pretty much summed up in Yahtzee's review.

Although channelling most open-world games to an extent is fine, it needs decent AI to back it up. Add to that unrealisticly forgiving/punishing physics and some of the worst voice acting I've ever heard and, well, I can't feel the slightest bit glad I skipped this and decided to reserve a clutch of games that've got me all hot and steamy.

Like Far Cry 2.


who wouldn't miss a video full of bile and ire!

I would that's for sure! don't be so insecure yahtzee tut tut

boo Mercenaries Game in flames. demo was fun indeed but i couldn't stretch that out any longer than the five minutes it took to die a lot

Oh my god the part with hostage and the air support NPCs was preety hilarious. The best so far. And yeah, we would sincerely miss him.

Definitely the best in a while.
Doesn't beat Alone in the Dark though, that was too funny!

Well DOne! Another masterful review. I had the same thing happen to me with the helipad, and i called in 5 more just to see it happen again.

BTW, ur right, i would miss u if you were gone.

Yes, fix those damn airstrikes and slap a patch over those bugs "BEFORE" release and you have a good game... instead its what he said

yeah boi ZP is back on form...ROID RAGE baby Fuck yeah..keep em comin benny boi

i had to sell mercs 2 for the simple fact that mercs 1 was better and when the precursor is better than the current one that shows something about the game devs.
and the fact that the world in flames mode (or cheat mode to people who dont know) is not availible on 360 or PS3 was the final nail in the coffin. they had made it, included it in the PS2 version but couldnt be bothered putting it into the versions that actually matter and wanted more money so made it DLC and will obviously want money for it.
mercs 2 = epic fail.....but it was fun at points :)

Ok, that's a return to form. Funny, witty and the crashing together of highbrow and lowbrow.

Intro still sux though.

Mmm, delicious. Thank you! I have to say, I'm not a stranger to the "Yippee, tanks" factor. I ...may have done that a lot on GTA, but who didn't? Fuckin' tanks!


sublime as always you charismatic stallion and yes i find quick time events just insulting now.

Jesus I wated The Force Unleashed not this.

we would miss you if you were gone.


Ah, greatness. I've seen one previous review for Mercs 2 before this one and it shares the same problem as Army of Two did - which is that once I actually saw the game in action, all interest I had in it went straight out the window.

Based on this review I kind of want to rent Mercenaries 2 for the laughs, but I don't need yet another 360 game where I've unlocked 20 achievement points and then watched the bloody title sink down my games playlist in the fashboard until it's nestled in on top of Chromehounds and the arcade game that came preinstalled on my hard drive.

Jesus I wated The Force Unleashed not this.

look at you...sounding like a spoiled brat...get wot ya given n make da most of it shart wod

I thought that Mercenaries 2 was good, it better than the original anyway. The part with the Hostage remebering you and walking off the building was priceless in the review.

I can't wait for next weeks review, your videos are the big highlight of my week Yahtzee.

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