Review: Civilization IV: Colonization

Review: Civilization IV: Colonization

Sid Meier explores a bit of his own history by remaking one of his older games into Civilization IV: Colonization.

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You've outdone yourself - it's extremely well presented, flows perfectly and is a delight to read. Well done, and keep it up.

I have to agree it was a enjoyable read and I will probably end up picking up Colonization when it drops in price.

I don't think that there's so much micromanagement in the late game to make a player quit the game. Otherwise good points regarding the game...

I couldn't resist, I know I should have, I knew at the time what buying this game would do.
I've spent 60 hours in five days. why does Sid hate my life? why does he make things that make me time warp WHY!

Great review. I've been wondering whether I should get this.
Also, I did a double-take when I saw the author. Hi, Simu.

lordofring! How ya been, man? Awesome avatar from another of my favorite games.

On-topic, as I played the game the review wrote itself in my head. Some games fall squarely into the category of "if you haven't glommed onto this concept yet, you never will", and C4C is one of them.


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