Review: Siren: Blood Curse

Review: Siren: Blood Curse

Scary setting? Check. Genuine J-horror vibe? Check. Uncooperative camera and headache-inducing play mechanic? Check and check.

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Just from reading the introductory paragraphs I could tell you weren't interested in enjoying the game. I don't know what crimes survival horror has committed against you in the past but something was clearly amiss. I also take issue with the following sentence:

Critics responded by garnishing Siren with appropriately average reviews and for the most part, the game faded into obscurity.

The game faded into obscurity? So much so that a sequel was released a few years later! The series has a large following and is highly regarded among horror fans.

It's a shame when reviewers take issue with minor recurring problems in horror titles and are unwilling to immerse themselves in the game world: "I can't enjoy this fantastic story and terrifying atmosphere because the controls are erratic!" Oh well.

I genuinely liked the game.

I found that the awkward controls and camera added to the game, making it more scary. The game would've been too easy and not as terrifying if enemies could've been killed easily (or permanently) and you could move on your merry way without any issues with controls.

Then again, I really like the survival horror genre so I might be a bit more lenient when it comes to bad controls and such.


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