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Artistic License

"Last month, the team at Blue Tongue reached a new milestone for the company: They completed a game that, when originally green-lit, led to "a moment of unbounded joy" when "the clouds part and a beam of light shines down and you go, 'Oh my God, we have complete creative freedom to do whatever we like with this title.'" These are the words of Blue Tongue's Creative Director, Nick Hagger, about their latest release, de Blob. Like any other developer, however, they had to earn their time in the sun."

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Funny stuff is, that this game (the first concept) has been made on the school i was on too, by people I knew. It's great that it reaches so far, shows that even (humble) studends can create a great concept which makes it far into the world.

I actually really appreciate this article for the glimpse it gives to what goes on behind the scenes of what appears a simple game.

When a game has been done well, it should appear as if it had not been designed at all, rather mined from some godly ore in the frontal lobe of one mans vision and then given form. Games like 'Portal' and 'N' do this brilliantly, a simplicity of design and function that integrates with the player so seamlessly it leaves far more room for having a truckload of fun (and in the case of both the games mentioned, a great deal of rocketing through empty space around turrets)

And so its rather easy not to smell the blood, sweat and tears poured into games like this (Of which i am prematurely elevating de Blob, to good or ill end i do not know) and articles like this allow appreciative fools like me a window into the world behind them.

Although now that i have read it, i cant experience that feeling aforementioned. The one with the mine and the frontal lobe...

So... thank you?

de Blob is great, hands down. The Wii desperately needs more good, well-rounded games like it.

De Blob is an old game, but I think that not many people know about this game or look at it and think that it is horrible. I thought that it was a horrible game when I first saw it but then I played it a bit and found it to be a very fun game for the Wii. There are not that many problems with de Blob, so for all you people thinking that this is going to be a text version of Zero Punctuation you are wrong.

The main point of this game is to restore color to a town that has had all of its color taken away. This may sound like a stupid idea for a game, but the way the game was put together makes this stupid idea actually work! The controls are very simple you move the control stick on the nun chuck, you jump by flicking the Wii Mote up, you target enemies by pressing "Z", and to attack you flick down. Like I said before, the main point is to restore color to a town that has lost all of its color. You do this by finding cans of paint and moving around the town bouncing off buildings to color them. You can also just roll around leaving a trail of color behind you. De Blob possesses very good graphics during game play and outstanding ones during cut scenes. You are probably thinking that the Wii can not have great graphics like this but they are more cartoony than amazing. You may be wondering how good is the story in de Blob? Well, this game has missions you have to do to continue the story. But, it also doubles as an open world game where you can explore the huge city and ocean islands. The missions are fun, but it is a lot more fun just wondering around painting the town red.

De Blob has some minor problem though. These problems do not ruin the game, but they can get annoying at times. One of the problems is the in game music and sound effects. They can loop way too much or just be obnoxious at times. When people speak to you, they talk as if it were Animal Crossing. They talk in squeak sounds that can get very annoying after listening to one conversation. The last problem is that sometimes the controls do what you do not want them to do. Because you have to shake the Wii Mote up or down to jump or attack, it will sometimes think that you want to do something else or not do anything at all. There are also many invisible walls throughout the city and in the ocean.

Over all de Blob is a great game that has very few problems. When I first seceded to review this game, I thought I was going to turn into Mini Yahtzee, but this was a game that looks incredibly stupid, but is a good game when you play it. De Blob is not for people that like action games, but it is a game that is worth playing. If you thought that this game was stupid before you play it like I did, you should probably rent it before you buy it.


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