Stolen Pixels #27: Clean Slate, Indeed

Stolen Pixels #27: Clean Slate, Indeed

Defend humanity in Tabula Rasa. That is, if you can find anyone actually there to save.


Very fine Shamus! Normal service has resumed!
You seem to be an MMO fan, I'd be interested to see a Stolen Pixels of the new Warhammer MMO..... if you have the spare time inbetween your Sam and Max fan fictions, of course.

Haha, brilliant, back to the good stuff now

I watched a tour of Garriot's mansion a few weeks back. It was absolutely huge: Full of hidden passageways and doors and all sorts of crazy stuff. It apparently cost him a few million to build, and he's got another one blueprinted already.

Its a shame he didn't spend that money on designing a more addictive game.

lol burn


Fuck...*cancels account*

(P.S. - I'm also glad we're away from the fanfiction but it could have been way worse.)

Why would we want an addictive game? I just want a fun one *shrug*

IMHO, any players who use MMO as a social network and are willing to pay a monthly fee are in WoW, end of story.

If Tabula Rasa had managed to find a pay scheme that is a one time cost for me, the player, I might actually be interested. I know I can't speak for anyone else but if I either find out that something is using "rental" DRM or requires a monthly fee, I pretty much instantly ignore it - I just don't have the budget or desire to spend my spare time on that kind of gaming culture. If I want that experience, I'll go play a graphical MU for free.

I just don't have the budget

Then don't expect them to care!

Games companies what to hear this: "Oh, I have all this spare cash money and I'm so bored. Who will solve these two terrible problems for me?"

You seem to have misunderstood me, when I saw "I just don't have the budget" perhaps I should have said: "I am unwilling to fit you into my bills this month so I can pay others for a grinding experience and/or social network I can get for free else where". Here I thought I was being succinct but obviously that wasn't the case.

If I was asked to pay even once, let alone monthly for say, facebook, you can bet your ass I would not be using that either.

Brilliant comic. A toast to the demise of Tabula Rasa.

Panel 2: Apparently humanity lost to the Hunters from Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

I would be one of those people who does NOT play WoW... and will happily NEVER buy into it... :D

wasn't there a game wide apocalypse in that where the servers were shut down after the event?


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