Zero Punctuation: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

This week Zero Punctuation pushes around hapless Stormtroopers in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

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Finally someone to critisise the force unleashed for what its really like, thankyou Yahtzee

I can't load it...

*edit* it's finally working...

I too blame Lucas...and not just for this game, for everything that's wrong in the world.

Once again, I am fully satisfied. Excellent review.

Man. The Wii was so cool when it first came out too. But yeah, I haven't played mine for at least 9 months now.


Follows The Escapist's own review of saying how damn awful it was. I can only agree that a game that rests on a singular, repeated mechanic is only doomed to fail.

Very amusing review, haven't played the game, don't really intend to. Last week's is still my favorite, but this one was pretty good too.

I wish people would stop posting replies when the video has been up for 30 seconds, it just makes them look plain silly.

awesome review. I agree that the game sucked on the Wii but it was endless fun for me on my XBOX 360.

I'm particularly surprised that Yahtzee had picked the Wii over the 360/PS3... How odd.

He spent quite probably way too much time talking Star Wars / Lucas, and not nearly enough on the game. On the whole, I was pretty disappointed by this ZP, and I would think is proof enough to conform to the whole, loud, blathery fan-folk that say that the Zero Punctuation movies aren't exactly as they should be.

That being said, the very very brief moment he touches on the game itself, he hits my observations from the demo. It's still incomplete, but did earn a few chuckles. I still sadly think he should've bypassed his own unhappiness, and getting a PS3/360 copy (purchase or rental, doesn't matter), and actually doing a review.

Or, for those who don't like to read too much, let's sum this sucker up in short.
Kinda funny, terrible review, too ranty. If I were a teacher, I'd say do it again for half-credit, it'll probably get a better grade.

Once again, I feel the need to point out how surprised I am at the speed that comments pop up on these... Ah well, I'll learn eventually. Back to my home in Off-Topic.

Awesome as always, blame Lucas............for everything.

To put it kindly, they fucked it up bad.

Works in Chrome.

So many comments so fast!

Anyway, this is my favorite already.

This review sated both my sense of humour and my bitter, broken-hearted hatred towards George Lucas. Especially my bitter, broken-hearted hatred.

It is a decent game, but nothing spectacular. Force lightning gets a huge nerf on the harder difficulties, which makes you have to play well and block stuff.

Wow, that was awesome. Brilliant, good show. I really thought Yahtzee would hit up Silent Hill: Homecoming this time around, hold on... nope, not out till November in Australia.

"Free will is overrated!"

Wow, you're certainly not worried about being quoted or anything.

Awesome review as always :D

why do poeple hate the Prequels the 1st one had a good lightaaber sequnce the second one had a good battle and the 3rd one had both you can just skip the rest, anyone great reveiw glad i bought the PS3 vesion

Another great video, Awesome one Yahtzee. Cheers

F***ing hilarious. Especially the willy/controler part.

About time!
Best one in a long Yahtzee. You've shown that you've still got it! Whatever IT is... =D

It's funny how you assume the 360/PS3 versions are better, the game itself is just bad

*sigh* I'd been waiting for Yahtzee to savage this game, but I was hoping he would spend more than a few seconds talking about the actual GAME, rather than spending two-thirds of the review bashing the Wii and a quarter of it bashing the admittedly-very-bash-worthy George Lucas. But of course, he discovered a long time ago that bashing the Wii gets him more attention and drama, so of course that's just a pipe dream.

Oh, and a little advice to Yahtzee although I know he won't read it: The PS3 version is almost as bad. Don't bother.

Did somebody actually ask why people dislike the the Star Wars prequels so much? Really?

My first Yahtzee comment. This has been his first good video in a while, I found myself laughing quite abit. I've never played the Wii version of TFU, but from videos I have seen it looks bad. I've played the 360 version and I loved it, it was a great hack and slash.

Actually i fucking loved this game, until they start throwing the proximity exploding force power immune flamethrower troopers of doom at you. That was the 360 version however and the wiimote just isnt good enough to really show off the lightsaber swinging.

Its not a great game i have to admit, its gets fucking frustrating and boss battles are fun when you arent fighting off all the rest of their allies because its undermiens the awesome epic battles when you have to stop and fight off about 30 fucking weak ass monsters just so the jedi can reappear and anally penetrate you with their lightsaber. Anyway my point is that i did enjoy this game a lot despite its flaws, nothing feels more badass than picking up three storm troopers electrocuting them, and then throwing them into another squad of other troopers. Genius

Also I found this review fucking hilarious, keep up the good work yahtzee, ikt was ncie to see a game i like not get verbally skinned alive

why do poeple hate the Prequels the 1st one had a good lightaaber sequnce the second one had a good battle and the 3rd one had both you can just skip the rest, anyone great reveiw glad i bought the PS3 vesion

Because it's horribly shit compared to the original trilogy.

On the game.

Starkiller is the penultimate example of the Mary Sue archtype, and goddammit, the ending almost gave me an anger stroke, how hard they try to make him important to to the whole beginnings of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, to saving critical members of it, to having him go toe to toe with the Emperor himself very easily.

I have to stop, or else I probably will have that stroke.

Did somebody actually ask why people dislike the the Star Wars prequels so much? Really?

The terrible dialogue, the lack of pacing, crappy character development, overused and fake looking CGI.

Oh, and Jar Jar Binks.

I don't get what's so bad about it, it seems great! Button mashing the lightsaber combos, causing a giant explosion with your bare hands, and the Force powers seem to do much more than just push people back a few feet. IT'S AWESOME!

Might I point out, though, that in combat games, your only supposed to move the controller A LITTLE. It picks up on what direction your moving it, and sets up a move in that direction. Performing a whole combo with the remote does not give you the same combo in the game. Move it gently and not at such a wide angle.

did you forget that yahtzee hates lucus arts

really funny

well it's good to know that I shouldn't have gotten the Wii version and can stick with playing my friend's copy of the 360 version.

On another note it seems funny to me that Yahtzee pines for an attachment to fix the problems of the Wii-mote when in a previous review he chastizes Nintendo for all its other addons to it.

Ah well, c'est la vie.

On another note good luck on the wishes that the prequels will become non-canon, it takes something truly shitty to earn that status (i.e. Starfox Command)

nice i was gonna make a hand cut off comment but i got beaten to it. damn you!!
always found it funny that the guys who liked this game were like yea its awesommmeee. so why are you playing call of duty and not it?

Yeah, the game isn't the epic everyone was hoping for but it makes a kick ass rental I hear. Personally I'm shocked to see Yahtzee pick the Wii version over the superior, Xbox 360 and PS3 verisons. Xbox 360/PS3 ports to the Wii suck balls big time.

I agree completely with Yahtzee's gripe about the controls on the Wiimote. Seriously. I share your dream of an attachment that makes it work like it's supposed to...-sigh-

And I agree with everything about the second trilogy. My god, it bad. The ONLY part of it I liked was at the very end when they made Darth Vader. The rest was just...filler. That we already knew, so why did we need three incredibly long boring movies to 'tell' us?

Back to the

I got to try it out on the 360 and it was fun. Boring, really, but fun. Force lightning is as fun as advertised. And amusing. Other than that...meh.


Thanks for ripping this to shreds. The ps3 version wasn't much better, thanks to the cheeseballs skewered to a polish sausage that is the control pad and the game's clumsy keyset.

'Least I got a storm trooper toy. I feel kinda like a bought a happy meal and got an ok toy but a mouldy cheeseburger and flat coke.

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