Review: Pure

Review: Pure

You'll have to forgive our pun, but Disney's new ATV racer is Pure awesome in a can. Or maybe that should be "in a can can."

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On The Escapist, reviews tend to set themselves apart by offering up original points in whole new formats. Compare Earnest's review to the guest review of Warhead this week: Whilst the latter opens with the generic, videogame journalist cliche line about Crysis' performance issues, Pure's review begins with an introduction given to us by Shakespeare. It is a difference between writing styles which really sticks out, making the paid quality of writing look so much better: Just thought I'd point it out.

Pure looks to be a damn awesome game. I was a huge fan of the SSX series on the PS2, so now it seems that its spiritual successor is an essential buy for me.

Or it means that I become wildly pretentious after 36 hours of insomnia and 12 hours of Branagh's Shakespeare adaptations.
You people are just lucky I wasn't watching Salo.
(Do not, I repeat, DO NOT seek out Salo in case you're wondering what I'm talking about. It will only make your life less pleasant. I promise.)

And on another note, I have to say, the guest reviewers have done some fantastic work, and have got huge balls.
Let me put it this way: I personally have been doing reviews like this for years now -- it's my sole occupation, and I make very good money doing it -- in some of the most prolific publications (online and off) in the world. My audience is literally millions of people. And here at The Escapist I'm given free reign to do whatever I'd like (thanks to Susan being the most awesome editor in existence) which elevates my writing to an even higher level.
For young amateurs to put their stuff up next to that hoping only for a bit of honest, creative criticism or valuable praise is very courageous. Plus, to all of you who have ever asked me -- or any other gaming writer -- how to get into this industry, this guest reviewer spot is the closest thing to a valuable resume-starter that you'll ever get.
I'm not saying all their stuff is without flaws, but no reviewer starts out amazing. (Actually, that's not entirely true. I started out on par with Palahniuk or Bukowski, but then I wasted all my talent drinking and cutting my arms in the dark.)

Why am I zipping up my pants... and yes I will get it.

I own SSX, SSX Tricky, SSX3 and SSX on Tour...

(3 is my favorite, tricky is too cartoony and I am adapted to the physics of On tour and 3)


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