Browser Wars

I've always been fascinated with browser based games. They're something I could poke at between projects, or tab between when I was supposed to be doing work or listening to a lecture in college. Having an engaging multiplayer game that you could play 5 minutes at a time helped me tide over my gaming addiction when I really didn't have the time to play any game seriously... Or so I thought.

I'm not talking about the casual games that are typically tied to the industry definition of "Casual Gamer". No, these are the soul-sucking, "You only have to do one thing every few hours", "If anything bad happens, you have all day to plot out a strategy" games. Those are the lines my so-called friends fed me when they initially got me to play Hyperiums a few years ago.

I started out with my little planet fiddling around once or twice a day. Before long, I'm involved in grand battles of dozens of players at once. Forming treaties over IRC, writing programs to analyze production numbers, cutting off supply lines, while systematically turning my enemy's planets into black holes. All while screaming about how 3 hours was too quick for a battle to resolve.

And now, they want to make multiplayer RPGs easy to make.

Original Comment by: Ortwin Regel
I once played a browser strategy game. They slowly eat your life... Suddenly you get up at 4 AM (you went to bed at 2) because you have to start building those ships now or your neighbour from the other alliance will destroy you before noon... And then you have to upgrade your mine at 6:30, and... I didn't have the courage to try it a second time.

I remember the day I realized I could take my Game Boy and play it in bed before sleep instead of reading a book. That had to end after about a week of 4-hours-a-night sleep.

I fear browser games. I'd never get my work done.

Yes... quite a few times, I would set multiple alarms on my watch for when different ticks happened in games. And would set my alarm to wake me up early in the morning to start building or researching something.

And then there was the always fun guild of european or farther east players that would purposely try and attack while us people from the states were sleeping. :/

Original Comment by: plangent
Set one up for WAP or iMode so I can play on the train and I'm in.

Original Comment by: Matt

I found a great browser based games site at that is slowly taking up all my extra time...

Original Comment by: Bob Parks
I am not part of the Drupal community, but I would like to offer some resources to the game initiative. I would like to offer to "dictionary-enable" Drupal, in order to have access to dictionary resources in creating a text adventure game in which words are powerful, and the more you know them the more powerful you are in the game. Any takers?

Bob Parks

Hmm, not sure who would be the right person to talk to about that, you may want to ask around on the Drupal website itself, and also check out the Drupal Module Developer's guide.

Original Comment by: Merlin
Yeah i though about palying them i found one i liked untill i found out it just really went on for only two weeks?

Then they server wipped?? How anoying an awseome game?? that now not gona say the website becuase it could hert them but yes it a modern warefare game

Original Comment by: frazer (i wish)
browser games well about them i wish there was just one good one like space odcesy that had no rounds they suck!

I used to play this game called Mobsters 2: Vendetta. I even made a Facebook account just to play it. Looking back, it was terrible.


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