de-rez: Daniel's Story, Part One

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Daniel's Story, Part One

This week de-rez presents Daniel's Story.


Is this the plot to Final Fantasy 14?

Random, yes, but not bad.

Sniffing Tesco's own coffie isn't good for your health. I tried it once, the doctors said I might have permanent raibn dmgage.

Pah, real men IV Tesco Value Coffee.

And TomNook, don't be silly, there's been no mega-bust ladies yet.

I liked it. Definatly had its moments, even managed to make me laugh at the slapstick bit which is rare. I think that part 2 will be even better :)

Well...That was wierd

Fuckin A, especially so soon after the last de-rez.

What the fuck, two brilliant near perfect de-rez's in a row... THAT hasn't happend since resident evil and searching for Gordon Freeman.

Pah, real men IV Tesco Value Coffee.

And TomNook, don't be silly, there's been no mega-bust ladies yet.

Correction - its tesco GOLD coffee - derez isnt that cheap!.

Another good episode - and of course another original story line (as always).

I found that funny, especially at the start, but then it got a little boring half way. But I found most of it really good! I can't wait for the next one and it is interesting seeing de-rez submit within a week.

Hahahahah i loved the gaming montage
Nice to see some more actors and locations aswell
Keep it up Chris

I haven't watched all of your work, however out of all the ones I have seen this is probably my favorite. Well, this and the how to be a cool gamer video. The randomness of your work is a welcome addition to the list of Escapist videos I watch and I hope to see more. :D

I seem to notice a lot of De-Rez involves Valve and their games.

Another brilliant de-rez. Two in a row, I might add.

Cant wait for part 2!

Lol at the bad game design resulting in cutting your hand on the disk, nice spin on that. Rest of the episode was pretty funny aswell. Keep up the good work.

woaz you got a battle field heroes beta key?

nice little stab at Force Unleashed there

Anyone but me notice that he runs like a girl?

Anyone but me notice that he runs like a girl?

I did. Unless that's how a bad gamer runs?

This is why I love de-rez. Slapstick humor, random silliness, and criticism for bad games. Can't wait for part two!

Overly long montage again, but really funny.

Anyone else think it was hilarious that he only got kills with the auto-shotgun?

Actually, is it sad that I find that funny?

Reminded me of I Love Sarah Jane a bit, which makes it even sweeter.

Good at the start but seemed to trail off quite a bit. Love your attempt at playing StarWars FU.

actually made me

"Damn your bad game design!"

This was really, really well done. I'm impressed you can make it so interesting with so few characters. Not to mention the ending was extremely random. Just the way I like it! Can't wait for part 2.

I actually watched someone snort instant coffee once.

And no, it wasn't pretty. :p

I like it, the drama actualy worked despite the intended irony and seing TF2 fotage always cheers me up.

The bits with the bike made me laugh out loud. It's such a dumb joke, but it kills me. And Chris' dad (I'm assuming it's his real dad) is awesome not only for playing a zombie, but also for delivering lines about male prostitution with conviction.

Can't wait to see the next part.

That one definatey had some funny moments. I love Chris' originality and variety. It always keeps me entertained.

Star Wars FU - The latter part of the title is what George Lucas is saying to anyone who bought the game.

"ah damn your bad design" are the only two people who like that game my brother and I?

I spoiled it for myself by reading the tags for the movie :(

Nice work guys, looking forward to part 2!

Absolutely brilliant video (with crappy quality though, but that might be me). The bike gag was equal to Flying High's drinking problem joke in my books, and that's pretty damn high! Everything else was brilliant and even when it was in danger of getting stupid with the zombies it was justified with the continued plight to be a pro-gamer despite the dead walking the earth.

Just brilliant, I love ZP but de-rez is just pure gold!

It love it that Chris (sorry, Dave) runs out of the house, gets on his BMX, falls off, and decides to run instead of taking the car conveniently available right behind him.

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