TGS 2008: Video - Bee Roll

Video - Bee Roll

The Escapist is back in America, and ready to tease you with Tokyo Game Show coverage again.

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Okay, the Godzilla down the tube at the end was genius.

That video taught me a lot about...

Well, it was fun to watch! :)

That video was the best. Got it, got it, got it, need it, brother has it, got it; okay make a list. hahaha

That was... interesting. It's always funny to watch people who don't speak each others languages in their attempts to communicate (sorry if I sounded a bit rude).

nice guns ur mother has it O_o

Hey when is the unforgotten realms going to start? It supposed to start like 5 hours ago?

One day I will go to Tokyo Game Show and buy all that swag!

I chuckled throughout but the last comments made me burst out laughing:
"You can't stop us copper! Yeah, me and my girlfriend are going to rob this bank! I need the money for that sex change opperation!"

Nice one Russ.


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