Unforgotten Realms: Episode 12: Granny's Got a Brand New Bag

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Great final Episode the Final Fight was ok, kinda epic but i feel it could have been epic...er, i did laugh my ass off when roamin bubble-hearthed out though :D priceless!

Can't wait for next season hope this series goes on for a while! best of luck!

BUBBLE HEARTH lollll reminds me of some pretty bad instances ends. Very good episode! Can't wait for season 2!

time to show u wat t real paladin is made of.....DIVINE SHIELD!!!




He'll be missed forever


Seriously keep making these

What exactly is this Series? I've been vasillating over watching the video's... Is this an animated thing?

please dont make me wait more that the usual 2 weeks for the new episodes!!! :( also where did roamin go? :S?

What the hell happend to petty...or am i just blind again...>.> But EpIc

Epic,and hilarious. It was great battle animation!

.... He hearthed...

Great finish for a great series. I like how Schmoopy managed to steal the gem during the opening sequence, a feat that confused me while I watched the intro. Some 3D battle animation effects going on, and overall the humor seemed to go back to more traditional role-playing humor, which I liked. While it may not be as good as the early episodes, it certainly raised the bar from some of the past few lackluster episodes.

I'm sad that I only discovered the series a few weeks ago, and now I have to wait a month for the new season to come out. The suspense is literally killing me! With a dagger! Right now! Ahhhh!


Epic, man. EPIC! Damn, why did Roamin have to bail out on Schmoopy?

...hes a pally...duh

O u did not just dis the pally.. Pally kicks as

P.S. most epic episode ever..

Makes me wonder if that was the intended ending, seeing how its a season ender an actual conclusion would of been nice. It was a few hours late so mabey a cliff hanger was just forced. Still a good episode and i'll be checking in daily for the next season.

Ah, Give me a god damn break....

Love the Hearthing Joke, it is what true ret pallies are made of.

Haha that bubble hearth had me genuinely laughing out loud, and I was watching this alone. Hope season 2 is just as good.

Roamin's bubble hearth was absolutely priceless

What a great way to end the season.

I was waiting for the "fortitude save" joke for so long...and you gave it to me. Rob...I bow to you. I will wait with quivering anticipation for season two. This is one of the few animations on the net that actually gets better with each installment, not to mention the fact that you do all the voices on your own, which just adds to your utter badass-ness. I swear to you that once my band website is up and running there will be a short article and a big ass link to your site...because the world needs UR. Keep up the ultra sexiness that is this toon...or i will murder you..TOODLES!

about time. but i feel the need to cast flare so you cant run away, you must sit down and make the next season NOW!

LOL - Love the Divine Shield Hearth!
Great job for a final episode of the season, can't wait for the next season now!

OMG he leveled!!! yay!!! lol. awsome ending. really awsome. started a bit slow in a sense. but awsome ending. i still think we need a cliff hanger like the origonals. haha.

hahaha! bubble hearth ftw! i cast flare!

Such a good ending :D.
I'm guessing Roamin bubble hearthed because he's not ret? He could of taken them if he was ret :3


That was awesome. I loved the shield hearth and Fortitude check. I can't wait for the next season. :D

WAAAY awesome lol especially the bubble hearth part i was laughing my ass off like literally =P

Oh yeah R-O-A TO THE M-I-N

That was hilarious. Best episode yet. I was crying at the bubble-hearth.

What exactly is this Series? I've been vasillating over watching the video's... Is this an animated thing?

Yes. You should watch it!

AMAZING! EPIC WIN!! When can we expect the next series!?

Was it me, or was there some sort of contest associated with this episode? I swear yesterday I saw something about that here. It was in the background. Some D&D contest with Unforgotten Realms season finale.

Epic Flare , just epic :D cant wait for season 2! Lol Roamin damn Heartstoning Bubbleboy :P

Another terrific episode, keep up the good work

The pally divine shield + hs combo seemed painfully familiar xD. Great ending

truely awesome a job well done the bubble-hearth was epic but so was the bazooka part or am I the only one that liked that?

Wow... this was epic... To much time too wait, till the next series come... *sigh*

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