Unforgotten Realms: Episode 12: Granny's Got a Brand New Bag

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Schmoopy got to use his dual wield shields!
Loved the whole episode but was disappointed it ended so soon. At least a month isn't too long to wait.


Loved it. Great work. Want more.

That was a great episode, you did the action well, the comedy was spot on. The epic win for me was that "level up", it had me busting a gut that yet again, the character playing the game could so rip into the game with his meta-gaming.

I really hope I get to see more and that Witty Wizard were paid well for these entertaining episodes.

i loved the searies. romin was the best carictor i hope he reapears in searies 2

"Are you ready for this paladin?"
"I was born ready for this paladin!"

Makes me wonder if that was the intended ending, seeing how its a season ender an actual conclusion would of been nice. It was a few hours late so mabey a cliff hanger was just forced. Still a good episode and i'll be checking in daily for the next season.

Nope. I always planned to leave it on a cliff hanger and most likely always will.

awesome episode, with an amazing ending

Great season man..I'll be looking forward to the next season!

But until then, I want to cast a spell!

Pure awsomeness


Bravo, old boy.

awesome XD i couldnt stop laughing
but whyyyy, whyy do series' have to end damn it T_T
there's gotta be a way to get the next series here faster...

... i wanna cast a spell!

p.s im so glad gary got to sing again XD

and where the hell is petey? i havent seen him in ages :(

Aw man! The most action-packed episode of the season...

And it's a cliffhanger ending!

...you sir, have me by the balls to wait for so long. Congrats.

And that would be the reference Roamin was working with.

Deffinitly the best episode to date. I loved the refrences to many of the old jokes. Loved how the humor went back to some of the original first few episode humor of bending the rules. Very impressive also when nailo stayed in character and harrased Schmoopy on the level thing. I LOVED THE POKEMON REFRENCE with the orb. The only thing i was sad about is that i thought petey would finnaly use hyper beam this episode :(. Well Sir Schmoopy You do AMAZING work and have never failed to make me smile. Shall of of Awesometon honor your greatness by bulding a statue for thier Canadain Dwarf Lumberjack Sorcerror Sir Shmoopy.

I want to cast a spell........

Ah... I am content. So, Season 2 starts next week right? Yeah? Right?

That was pretty damn Epic. I laughed so hard when I found out Roamin was Hearthing out. Can't wait for season 2.

Congratulations on a successful season!

Awesome episode Rob!

Can't wait for the next season.

Epic, completely epic. A great finale. I hope to see more in the near future!


Epic, man. EPIC! Damn, why did Roamin have to bail out on Schmoopy?

...hes a pally...duh

because that made it Epic!

Damn sweet battle

Thanks for an awesome 12 episodes!

This episode is a purple!

I Cant stop watching this over and over.

Also if anyone wants to Play some D&D like crap Who has Never winter Knights you should PM me.

lol i love the part when gary and roman are riding ursa and when he said something doesent seem right about all this, i first thought...what it doesent seem right that garys humping you lol hehe great episode rob 11/out of uh...7 yeah

i loved this episode and Roamin does NOT dissapoint :D

Been a fan of your work for a while now, keep up the good work, I'll be here waiting for when Season 2 begins :)

Chris Highwind:
Such a good ending :D.
I'm guessing Roamin bubble hearthed because he's not ret? He could of taken them if he was ret :3

He is ret

"You're gonna be lookin at the back end of my retribution spec"
He says that when they face the highbear

this episode was most likely prepatch then ;)

DAMIT! i knew as soon as romin said he was going to show them what a real paladin was made of he would bubble hearth...damn noob.

Anyways great season...

My word! Such a fantastic endding!
It gave me goosebumps haha amazing

poor ursa D: gd fight scene cant wait for the next series to come out :D

Epic ending to a brilliant season!

My love for this comic is neverending.

Can't wait for a new season =D

Very sweet and extremely funny. I have to say, I cried from laughing at the bubble-hearth scenario. Great job man.

My word! Such a fantastic endding!
It gave me goosebumps haha amazing

Something about the end of the intro music never fails to give me goosebumps :)

Also at the very end with the "Allright...I wanna cast a spell!"

Epix :D

haha loved this episode, was great loved it, wished Petey was in it.
loved the bit with the cliff and how Schmoopy got the gem by breaking the rules, I looked in Mike's handbook and it says that during the opening credits that characters may not run about :O
I suppose Petey would be with Granny and the other prisoners such as Mr.King.

I hope the Judge is O.K and I'm glad Roamin didnt waste them swords, them Bastard swords cost a lot

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