Stolen Pixels #30: Seven Deadly Sins

Stolen Pixels #30: Seven Deadly Sins

Oh, ye gamers who are guilty of the Seven Deadly Sins, look on these images of gamery and see thyselves.


Tsk, tsk, Shamus, borrowing jokes from Yahtzee!

Hilarious stuff though, good work as always!

Wow. That prolly did come from Yahtzee.

I'd love to claim that the joke-theft is just part of the overarching "Sloth" joke, but the truth is that I did it without even realizing it. To be fair, it wasn't intentional and it's been months since I saw that one.

Oh so true.

Guilty of all 7 :]

Keep up the good work! It's good to see a more broadly applicable joke :)

Sloth would be a EQ Necromancer sitting down whilst his skelly gets all the XP.
And nothing says "Wrath" like an Energy Blaster going Nova. :)


Maybe a "nude mod" site would have been good for lust too eh? I mean, escapist already linked me to hentai porn in their article "humping the invisible turkey".

Actually, escapist has really gone overboard this week with their sexual related stuff. I'm impressed.

Mighty fine Shamus, possibly the best yet, and it doesn't need to side text to make it funny. I shall be sharing this one with the world!

psst: Devout Religia is lvl 60 gear, not lvl 70.

Heh. I wouldn't know. I never made it past 38.

It all looks awesome to me.

So you made 3 punchlines for the topic of sloth... which would be another punchline. OMG PUNCHLINE RECURSIVENESS


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